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1990-1996 National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria
Specialty-Elite Sport – Master’s degree
Physical education – MA degree

Examinations and practices:

Theory and methods of sports training, Elite sport, Sports specialty-Track and field athletics, Physical education, Pedagogy, Sports Management, Strength training, Sports games – Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Nutrition and bio stimulation, Biochemistry, Sports medicine, Physiology, Movement games, Anatomy, Sport psychology practice, Sports massage, Sports events practice, Management projects etc

1980 -1986

Sport school “Vasil Levski”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
 Specialty – Sport, Tourist specialist

I deal with Athletic and particularly with high jump since I was 12 years old with active career between 1979-1992, a member of the Bulgarian national athletics team, participating in a number of international competitions, winning medals and different prizes. My personal best in High jump is 218 cm. – Master of Sport.

Sports Specialist in Vasil Levski Sports School; Plovdiv, Bulgaria

As a sports specialist and Athletic coach in one of the biggest sports schools in Bulgaria (700 students), my responsibilities and duties were monitoring of the development and progress of each student from my group in both educational motivation in sport and racing development. Preparing programs for individual and group development. Communicating with parents individually concerning the personal development of their children. For the 11 years that I work in this position, my students won 326 medals in the Republican championships for all age groups (under 17, under 19, under 23 years man and women) as well as 18 medals from Balkan championships.
Physical condition coach at Internal Security Force in Doha, QATAR

Due to security restriction, this description is not allowed

Athletic coach in AL NASR Sports club, Dubai, U.A.E


In this period I work with the jumpers in Al Nasr club (mans) and my sportsmen won 6 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals and accomplished 9 standards. Four of them were in the National team, competitive in high, long and triple jumps.

Track and field Athletic coach in National Athletic Federation Dubai U.A.E

Man and juniors- high jump, long and triple jump.

In this year my competitors established 3 national records in high jump in their respective age groups. They won 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze  medal and accomplished 6 standards.

Grammar school Dubai , U.A.E. 2011
Physical education specialist.
Sport classes- conditional training, volleyball, basketball, football, cricket

Football academy Dubai Sport city, U.A.E
Conditional sport trainer (part time).
Socattots- international football program for kids (2-5years old)

Additional work in their spare time:
Preparation and implementation of special programs in sports, depending on the needs of specific groups of children with physical disabilities.
Preparation of projects of Ministry of Physical education and sport, Sofia; Bulgaria for sports training development Elite Athletic clubs.
Individual Sport  training of elite athletes:

Stella Eneva  (on the photo )-  Paraolympian athlete  competing mainly in throwing events. She competed in 2004 Summer Paraolympics in Athens, Greece-Vice Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (2 silver medals) and a 7-fold World champion -New Zealand 2010, Sharjah O.A.E 2011 /2 times.

Elena Denkova  – Balkan champion in high jump and triple jump in Novi Sad, Serbia.

 Stella Andreeva  – record holder in the girls triple jump of Bulgaria for 2001

Stoyan Kekov – Republican champion in high jump 2005, vice -champion 2003-2004, vice-champion Balkan games Konstanca 2005.

 Sesil Karatancheva –elite World tennis star (conditional training ).

Karatantcheva’s career’s highs included a quarterfinal at the 2005 French Open, and No.35 on WTA singles ranking on November 7, 2005. As of October 01, 2012 she is ranked World No. 84 on the WTA Tour

With Motaz Essa Barshim (Qatar) Olympic bronze medal  -London 2012 and UAE athlete

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