• Boryana Razsolkova
  • Boryana Razkolnikova

About This Project

Веселина Ангелова от в. ТрудBoriana Razsolkova-Koleva’s perfect work during Dubai Helishow 2014

“As an Official exhibitor Partner of Dubai Helishow I would like to express my sincere admiration of Ms. Boriana Razsolkova-Koleva’s work during the event and participating in the most successful public and media presentation of Dubai Helishow 2014 . I was deeply impressed by her professionalism and persistence, by her professional approach to all of us. She did her best to present our achievements and contributed a lot for the good image of Dubai Helishow 2014.”, says Ivan Kristoff

The latest of the series of ‘The 100 faces of extreme sports‘ offers an authoritative view on the people who train for extreme sports or work in extreme conditions for today and tomorrow. 10 international renowned experts in the world of adventure, have each chosen 10 people who, they believe, best exemplify what is happening in the high adrenaline world today and who they see as the rising stars of the future.

The 100 in THE BRAVE section of these website have risen to an international platform since the #ForBulgaria concept was created and – in the opinion of the jury who have selected them – are in the process of taking it over, at an explosive pace. The vast variety of ideas and forms in the idea to promote Bulgaria overseas will be presented in ForBulgaria.com website, each person’s work represented in two double-page spreads, accompanied by a short biography and bibliography and a text by the authors who selected them. This virtual exhibition of new ExtremArt is preceded by a virtual conversation – an Internet discussion amongst the 10 visitor of thew website – each a noted name and involved in the staging of new developments in extreme sports.