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About This Project


Pioneer of one of the fastest growing trends in the rope access industry, rope access tech and brand developer Ivan Kristoff elevated the business to new peaks of popularity from the early 90’s. His contributions in the industry were noticed even outside of the his industry, by the Canadian media. Since his first news appearance in the article “Spiderman on a wall near you…” in the Toronto Sun Newspaper. his ideas to bring innovation reached million of viewers worldwide.

Multifaceted rope access emergency responder, Ivan is a presenter on specialized Heli Shows and Construction show devoted to the highrise industry in his native Bulgaria, in Canada and Dubai. Apart from his activities directly linked to rope access and volunteer rescue, ivan Kristoff has been Exlusive promoter for Swiss Made companies and Brand Ambasador for NIKE – the number one sport’s retailer.

Ivan Kristoff is a self taught photographer, web/ and e-magazine/e-book designer. However, he is most famous for his remote access photography at extreme heights, primarily on top of the world’s tallest structures. He spent his early life in and out of the Bulgarian and Canadian military before spending time in Toronto, which is where he began his hobby in the graphic arts. His first major success came after winning the very first global competition for the first rope access on the exterior repair of the Antena Mast of the CN Tower – world’s tallest freestanding structure in 2003.

In the M.A.R.S. project, he will provided art direction for much of its PR and Communications content. His style of combining various sets of typography with new and experimental trends in photography will be aimed to keep the projects at the forefront of its field in a swiftly changing world.

Kristoff was one of the pioneers to bring modernist ideas of rope access to the suspension and construction industry in Ontario, Canada.

He is currently developing the a Studio for communications and branding that will produce an art and design publication titled with the CODE series. Kristoff also created a book title Altitude with Attitude, which, at the time of its publication, included photographs that were quite controversial due to their use of a free style extreme rope access. Nearly every project that Kristoff worked on was met with success and he left a lasting impression on the rope access industry.


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