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Mountaineering  and rock climbing is a large portion of our outdoor activities. With the founding of our Club and rescue teams, the Top experts at Project Extreme have participated in our public and media demonstrations. In the Prime Time of NEWS 7 TV: NEWSROOM, the guests share the same ideas as us for the future of volunteer rope rescue. He has an extensive experience in mountain rescue and is a person that we can rely on handling the work with new rescuers.

We presented to the public the key experts from With them our mission is to foster young talents whose new ideas will enrich the involvement in volunteer rope rescue. For this purpose, Ivan Kristoff created the E.V.E.R.E.S.T. 2020 concept, under which the company introduces projects with international experts in high mountaineering who share our ideas and plan to establish themselves as High-altitude Emergency and Aerial Rescue Technicians, aka HEART.

Дейността на Kлубa, осъществена със съдействието на приятели бе представена в предаването COOL…T на бТВ с водещата Петя Дикова.

От името на клуба ни, бихме желали да изкажем специални благодарности за съдействието на Интегра-А за съдействието си с техническа подкрепа и предоставянето на TYT Professional FM Transceiver TC-6000 with Emergency Alert and Earphones

Доброволците-спасителите трябва да работят със сърце, но и да са подготвени за опасностите
ExtremeНяма воля от страна на държавните институции да използва опитни доброволци в бедствени ситуации, в които се намират сега хората във варненския квартал “Аспарухово”.

Това е мнението на Иван Кристоф (човекът паяк), Цветелин Димитров и Константин Димитров, които са част от инициативата за Отряд за бързо реагиране.  Те разказаха за своята дейност в предаването NEWSROOM по NEWS 7.

Много важни са първите минути, заявиха гостите. Те признаха, че се вълнуват от съдбата на хората и са готови да работят безвъзмездно. Освен хъс, доброволците трябва и да са подготвени професионално, за да не са опасни както да себе си, така и за околните. Освен това трябва да имаш сърце за тази работа, допълниха доброволците.

По думите им в България се дават много пари за спасителни дейности, но те потъват някъде.

Корпус за бързо реагиране и реакция при бедствия
Водещ: … Вече си говорим доброволческата инициатива и за онова, което може да помогне всеки от нас при бедствия и аварии, защото очевидно държавата има нуждата от такава помощ… Спасителите трябва да работят със сърце, но и да са подготвени за опасностите: Това е мнението на Иван Кристоф /човекът паяк/, Цветелин Димитров и Константин Василев – Тино, за Корпуса за бързо реагиране.


Hammock & StrapSet Combo 


Our new advertising campaign ‘Visionary Outdoor Thinking’ addresses some of the biggest challenges facing the vertical,  aerial and rescue rescue world today and takes the audience on a journey that engages deeply with these complex issues. New filmmaker Ivan Kristoff will be the adviser for the campaign and direct the Web TV commercial.

Hammock & StrapSet ComboThe ‘Visionary Outdoor Thinking’ campaign is a key aspect of Ivan Kristoff’s approach to setting the pace in the industry with forward-looking, innovative ideas and solutions. It aims to establish the H.E.A.R.T. project as a leader in international extreme super high rise rescue and as a visionary partner that makes clients aware of the challenges of tomorrow. The campaign complements and supports Ivan Kristoff’s ‘The Rescuer of the Future’ efforts which aim at providing sustainable and socially responsible ideas.

The motifs examine the trends that are changing the world and shed light on how they can be translated into comprehensive rescue solutions. In doing so, the campaign is focused on establishing a dialogue with the rescue community: the motifs teaser certain topics by raising a question which is answered on Ivan Kristoff’s website where corresponding innovative ideas and solutions from the VR team can be found. The first motif ‘M.A.R.S.’ communicates the comprehensive approach, while the additional ads are centered on specific research topics such as ‘World’s First’, ‘Innovation Forum’ or ‘Forum One’.

“It is essential to have a campaign that embodies our whole strategic approach,” explains Ivan Kristoff. “There are new challenges like Fake News and Fake Rescue, ongoing political problems around the world – all these things have left people feeling insecure. Every day we see concerns about where the world is headed. We want to demonstrate that we know what is going on today and that we can translate this knowledge into comprehensive, sustainable innovative solutions.”

Hollywood photographer Lazar Goushev, who acted as creative adviser for the campaign, has mad a photography  that captures the ‘Visionary Outdoor Thinking’ spirit of the campaign in a very emotional way. “Today, making a commercial is not so much about showing a product, but rather evoking an emotion and a reaction to it. In this case, it is a metaphorical journey of what it means to go through life – the challenges one faces financially and creatively,” he explains. His concept for the commercial stemmed from the his own aspiration to always look forward and to have a clear vision for the future. “Ivan Kristoff is a company that is constantly striving to explore and discover the next ‘unknown’ and this commercial propels you through humanity’s journey to do just that: we started in water, then conquered the air, and eventually explored space,” Lazar Goushev says.

Visionary Outdoor Thinking