The unseen story of
extreme achievements


“I want to set up a new world record and the symbol over the Bulgarian Parliament

to be visualized beyond the limits of 10,000 meters above sea level … “
Ivan Kristoff

Flying between buildings

How do you guys get ready for a downhill climbing, and are there any fears of a man who worked with ropes at a wind speed of over 60 km / h in extreme winter conditions? And why, when you know what you’re doing a few hundred yards vertically, you can be as crazy as you want and be more secure than on the ground.

Rope access Cn tower

The urban climber

“When it’s over, I want to jump without a parachute and my friends to catch me in the air. I’ll do the cascade this time a thousand feet above the ground – this will be the optimal test for their preparation as well. I love to control everything, so I drive myself the car, I plan the projects, check the ropes and worked alone at the extreme work.

extreme rope access

The incredible story

Who is Ivan Kristoff, why does he love doing things that no one has done, how his dream was born, not just working vertically, diagonally and horizontally on a rope, and doing it hundreds of feet above the ground. Why does he keep performing his extreme records without any insurance and believes he has a Guardian Angel

Какъв рекорд ще поставяш този път?

What kind of record will you put this time?

This time I want to go over 10К with Bulgarian designers, photographers and models to make a fashion show of 100% Bulgarian design and production. I want the Bulgarian fashion models to pass barefoot, like fire-dancers, on a carpet with the required tribute with the symbolism of Bulgaria.

It sounds extreme… Is there any novelty?

Yes, and this will raise the symbolism of Bulgaria to a new level … And it has not been done so far. Fashion shows have been made under 10K, but nobody has ever imagined their country that way. We will be the first. This is my vision for the project “Bulgaria – always the first” that I shared with the the President.

Защо го правиш, какво ти дава?

Why do you do it, what does it give you?

Because I love Bulgaria, but I still like to raise the prestige of our nation and our countrymen to a new level … I like to introduce new trends, to overcome the boundaries set by others. But most of all with a Bulgarian team, as we did with the Emergency Rescue Unit at Airbase Krumovo, Bulgarian Air Forces.