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World’s most recognized rope access expert


Ivan Kristoff, otherwise known as Spiderman is a proefessional Extreme Long Line Helicopter Rescue Specialist. He created the World’s first High-rise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team (H.E.A.R.T). He holds the two record for High Altitude Rope Access (ascending and descending on a rope) from a flying helicopter and has more attempts than anyone else on the planet. he trained Helicopter Long Line rescue in Toronto, Canada and in Bulgaria. Ever since, he has made his mark as a volunteer rescuer. In 2001, after the 9/11 event, he was chosen as one of the Unsung Heroes of Toronto.

Spiderman on the CN TowerIvan Kristoff achieved the unachievable by solving the solutions at the unreachable areas of the world’s tallest structure and Antenna Mast in 2003. On this project, for the very first time was introduced the concept of aerial response at super high-rise buildings.

Ivan is most widely known as the founder of the first volunteer urban high angle rescue team – the Canadian Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (HEART). In Bulgaria, Europe, he found the first volunteer Special Operations Services (SOS) Team.

Before Ivan was involved with the Technical Committee on Safety for the suspended access industry , there have been as many as four rope/suspended access related fatalities per year. Ivan’s input minimized the number to zero fatalities per year for his ten year period in this Ontario Health and Safety regulatory form.

At the end of the last century, Ivan set a new category of world records from a private helicopter. “The Guinness Book of World Records” found the idea to be very innovativeLiterally.

In 1997 Ivan set the first world record for the longest descending on a rope, suspended by a helicopter. At the beginning of the New Millennium, Ivan set a new world record for the longest ascending on a ropesuspended by a military helicopter. Just a year later he conducted the very first technical demonstration and aerial rope rescue from the vertical wall of a tall building. He achieved this  successful mission with a police tactical aviation.

His love for exploring new trends in the vertical and aerial environment of his professional field, drove him to organized and complete the very first aerial video surveillance from a helicopter in real time.

As a recognition for Ivan’ s contribution to the Emergency Services community in Canada, the Organizing Committee of the Metropolitan Toronto Police invited him to be part of the 1st Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day.  The event took place at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). For the 2th Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day, Ivan Kristoff demonstrated his donation of emergency vehicles to the Search and Rescue motorized unit of HEART.  At the last and 3th Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day, Ivan Kristoff was given the honor to be leading the parade of the event along with his pears from the Royal Canadian Mounting Police (RCMP) and members of the leading Canadian law enforcement.

Daily Commercial and Construction NewsIn Canada the self made Spider-copter has shown a talent for raising funds for charitable cause such as the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, Centenary Health Center Foundation, Mount Sinai Hospital, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, the Community Association for the Riding Disabled, the Rouge Valley Hospital Health System Foundation  and the Canadian Liver Foundation. During the 8th, 10th and 11th Annual Lastman Classic Golf Tournament at the Lionhead Golf and County Club in Mississauga, Ontario, Ivan together with Mel Lastman,  the Mayor of Toronto City raised $445,ooo.

UNSUNG hEROESIn 2001, after the events of 9/11, Ivan was chosen by the Toronto’s community as one of its Unsung Heroes. The same year he was given the honor to open officially the CFL Playoff game between the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes. He rappel down from the roof of the Rogers Center,  previously known as the SkyDome. At the approximately the same place, a few years before that died a stuntman, while trying to test a Tyrolean traverse system.

With his fellows motorcycle riders he contributed to the Ride for Sight event and raised money in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

In the last few years Ivan has  decided to contribute his time to charitable causes in support of volunteer rescue units and initiatives. Ivan Kristoff applies advanced technologies to the vertical environment, rapid-access of aerial and high angle operations on rope. He continues to be a technical advisor to some of the leading manufacturers of tactical rope access work equipment and government agencies. Ivan’s expertise in utilizing mobile computing and communications in the field of exterior high-rise services has captured the attention of the world media.

1100X586motoSTUNTAs a result of Ivan’s innovative use of technology, he generates considerable amount of media attention. In fact, his strong relationship with the press, including Reuters, Global TV, CBC TV, City TV, CFTO TV, The Toronto Sun, Q 107, Z103.5, to name a few, insures a continuing coverage of his unique endeavors.

Nestlé Canada Inc. supported Ivan Kristoff's exhibition displays during the Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Days in Toronto, Ontario.World renowned leaders in IT such as Lenovo, HP, ACER, Canon, Epson, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Nikon, Panasonic, Itronix, Microsoft, Pelican Cases, Traser Swiss Made Watches and Fortis Swiss Made Watches provide their latest equipment to Ivan Kristoff for testing and user feedback. Ivan Kristoff’s vertical operations in extreme conditions are sponsored by the world leading manufacturers of safety equipment. Nestlé Canada Inc. supported Ivan Kristoff’s exhibition displays during the Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Days in Toronto, Ontario.

Professional background
Ivan Kristoff is an air space technician. He is the  first rope access technician celebrity. Aside from his professional achievements, he brought individuality and the colorful aspect that most people love, not just the way he works, but his spirit that he put into his work at high. He wanted to do the unachievable and things that no one has done before. And he captured most of this moments on film.

Ivan made his reputation by capturing a remote “point of view” of his industrial rope access work at extreme heights. For most of this assignments, he put himself in a position that no one wanted. He was not afraid of danger and confrontati0ns and he south it out in many terms.

“Once you get in the open air, the adrenalin is so high and you want more…”, he says. But for Ivan, rope access is more than just adrenalin. It is more than life and his business. In emergency situations, he goes to work, while others are evacuating…

The rope access industry needed Ivan. Built by his image, he launched the rope access in the mainstream of Canada. He made a radical transformation in the use of kernmental ropes in the Ontario legislation for construction work. He set the blue prints for the next generation.

Being at the center of the action and high risk situations is his sanctuary. He left the comfortable safety zone in the strict suspended access regulations in Ontario and entered into the world of super highrises around the globe. you have to overcome the safety mechanism and preservationist before entering the danger zone of extreme rope access.

Ivan established himself as the dominant force of the traditional rope access industry. He continues to explore the boundaries in rope-work at harsh environment and developing into a world class aerial performer.  A few years ago, Ivan  moved from the vertical access mainstream to the aerial operations around the world.

World’s FirstHere is a quick glance through what the world at large says about Ivan Kristoff:

“In what he describes as a ” typical scenario for emergency response and rapid deployment of rescue personnel to inaccessible areas,” Ivan Kristoff, demonstrated
an aerial emergency response with a helicopter last week at Lion head Golf and Country Club, where Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman held his 11th annual Mayoral Charity Golf Tournament.”
Daily Commercial and Construction News

“Kristoff, a “rope access” construction worker, was demonstrating his high-altitude rescue skills to the media while on a stud drilling  job 20 storeys up…”
Toronto Sun, Paul Piggott

Ivan Kristoff, aka Spiderman, has initiated and committed to the development of this project. The wireless video monitoring from the air, will provide online contact between the emergency services and rescue teams. The helicopter will be equipped with remote camera control photo and video equipment. The visual materials can be used to train rescue teams in an innovative training program, called trailblazing.”
BBT TV, 30 May, 2008

Ivan effecttue aussi des missions de sauvetage a titre benevole et exploite une entreprise qui le mene a de tres grandes hauteurs. Il escalade des gratte-ciel et d’immnses tours bureaux pour effectuer des travaux de reparation et des inspections a des centaines de metres du sol ! Ivan est recemment redescendu sur terre, juste le temps de repondre a quelques questions pour l’equipe de Planete 912.
Planete 912 Magazine

Spiderman”Ivan Kristoff flies above Sofia and saves trapped people in burning buildings. At nigh he is watching the soccer game seating on the roof of the stadium, and after the fighting between fans, he brings them one by one to the police. This is not a scene from the film, but a real project, which started with the Metropolitan Municipality and hometown action hero Ivan Kristoff.
Standart Newspaper

“Ivan volunteers his time to do rescue work, while operating a business that also takes him high in the sky. he scales high-rises and huge office towers doing repairs and inspections hundreds of meters off the ground – on the outside of some of the tallest buildings in Canada! Ivan did come down to earth recently, just long enough to answer these questions from Kidsworld Magazine.”
kidsworld Magazine