A future concept is born. Disruptive innovation is in progress.

We detect its potential to grow and change the vertical world of rescue. 

We embrace future trends from the very first step.

Extreme Vertical and Aerial Operations with Ivan KristoffWe have a vision to constantly expand upon our knowledge base and explore the trends that could potentially affect the vertical world and our business in the future. Although we have over 35 years experience in the rope access, we are agile thanks to our long-term outlook and culture of embracing change. We bring experts together who have foresight and share views about what moves society. This is a vital part of our strategy to stay ahead. We believe in the forward-thinking attitude to improve on high-rise and aerial emergency response and develop new trends in the vertical enironment, society and technology. That is why we want to show you face-to-face with leaders of change, such as engineers, pilots and renowned film directors. In our projects, along with others, we will show you what tomorrow may bring. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer some insights and viewpoints of our upcoming project for filming rope access work at its extreme environment and new trends that can shape a safer future or rope rescue. It is our hope that this project will provide inspiration for our future discussions and contribution to innovation.

VISION - I envisage and create the future trends for advanced and innovative volunteer rescue initiatives. My World's Firsts in solo extreme vertical and aerial rope acces opperations have shaped the training methodology and sustainable development. for the creation of the Rescuer of the Future.


We can speed up the process and make it easier and cost effective for the way some rope access  and rescue organizations want to grow. As Ivan Krisroff says about this initiative:

For the viewer, which is the general public we can introduce how an elite Rope Rescue team can be developed from Tabula rasa (as we say Ground Zero). It will cover the operations of rope access all over the globe, including: the high mountains and the depths of the Earth; three areas of operations Sea-Air-Land. I put active rope access behind my back as I am more interested in fields where there is more innovation. But with my contacts and interest of third party professional team and investors, there is an exciting opportunity to share my experience and introduce exciting people to the public, so that they can learn of cool stuff that can make significant changes and better society. Something to show our children and redevelop a business in a new way, so that the rope access can be exciting again, at least for me.

In Dubai I had some meetings with government officials, members of the Royal Family and Ministry of UAE, who liked my ideas for inovative rope rescue in Dubai.

PressCardInternationalOne way that I see the scenarios for the TV Series is that as s reporter for BBC Top Gear Magazine (BG edition), I can follow various crews and show the cool and “dirty” stuff of the vertical world in an exciting way. The mission is to showcase what it takes to build and work on hard to reach places, what kind of people may get in extreme situations and what it takes to create a team that is well familiar experienced to deal with the dangers of the vertical and hostile environment. Than we show how these people are trained to the extreme.

As an official exhibition partner of the biggest helicopter show in the Middle East, since 2010, I developed a lot of contacts in Dubai that can help make interesting visual storytelling and open a lot of doors for this project.

That is why I can invite companies and professional rope rescue techs to train in extreme conditions on other parts of the planet.”


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