Човекът паяк се спусна с хеликоптер

They rescued the mayor with a helicopter

With Experimental Helicopters“Help. I fell off a cliff and suffered. “

Veselina Angelova, Trud Newspaper

Such distress signal received yesterday Gancho Daskalov, owner of aviation company that has two helicopters for rescue operations in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria.

The appeal was from Mayor Eng. Jordan Mihtiev. It turns out that he has “fallen” from the cliffs above the Arbanasi plateau near “St. Peter and Paul” Monastery. Immediatly  Airmen with Ivan Kristoff Spider-Man responded to the distress call and evacuated Mayor Mejtiev to safety. Fortunatly this was a training session for rapid rescue response for real disasters.


Photo by Vesselina Angelova: Ivan Kristoff, better known as Spider Man, packaged in a special litter “victim” mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa Eng. Jordan Mihtiev. He participated in training for cases of real disasters on the rocks above the Arbanasi plateau.

„Спасяваха” кмет с хеликоптер
Автор Веселина Ангелова, в. Труд 

„Помощ. Паднах от скала и страдах.“

Такъв сигнал за бедствие получaва собственика на авиационна фирма, която разполага с два хеликоптера за спасителни операции в Горна Оряховица.

Апелът беше на кмета инж. Йордан Михтиев. Оказва се, че той е “паднал” от скалите над Арбанашкото плато край манастира “Св. Петър и Павел”. Веднага пилота Спиридон Христов с Иван Кристоф, известен у нас като Спайдърмен, се отзоваха на сигнала за помощ и евакуираха със специална носилка кмета Михтиев на безопасно място. За щастие това беше тренировка за бърза спасителна реакция при реални бедствия.

Renowned Bulgarian rescuer, Ivan Kristof, popularly known as Spider-Man, has arrived in our country to showcase his extraordinary skills in various rescue operations. Throughout his visit, he took part in numerous actions aimed at saving injured individuals, impressing the spectators in Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa.

In a remarkable display of bravery, Ivan Kristof swiftly rescued an injured man from the treacherous cliffs of the Lyaskov Monastery. Additionally, he demonstrated a daring rescue of a drowning man in a deep dam. According to Kristof, beyond the rescue techniques, the composure of well-trained teams plays a crucial role in handling critical situations.

Ivan Kristof shared his insights, stating, “In critical situations, one must be prepared to act decisively! We approach rescues with a pragmatic and efficient mindset. Equipped with the right tools, I can save a human life.”

Even the Mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa became a participant in the rescue demonstrations. Despite having a broken leg, he experienced firsthand the secure and comforting hands of Spider-Man.

Yordan Mihtiev, the Mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa, expressed his emotional experience, saying, “I felt extremely safe in the rescue bag; it was a reassuring experience.”

The presence of several companies in our country investing in specialized rescue equipment prompted Ivan Kristof’s visit. His primary objective is to train as many volunteers as possible in swift and efficient rescue techniques.

I must mention Ivan Kristof’s daring feats in the Black Norm “cascade,” where he has undertaken low-flying trash removal operations over water. Although he has performed some dangerous stunts and extreme moments on the brink of peril, like jumping into water without a parachute, they remain undisclosed for safety reasons.