Човекът паяк се спусна с хеликоптер

They rescued the mayor with a helicopter

With Experimental Helicopters“Help. I fell off a cliff and suffered. “

Such distress signal received yesterday Gancho Daskalov, owner of aviation company that has two helicopters for rescue operations in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria.

The appeal was from Mayor Eng. Jordan Mihtiev. It turns out that he has “fallen” from the cliffs above the Arbanasi plateau near “St. Peter and Paul” Monastery. Immediatly  Airmen with Ivan Kristoff Spider-Man responded to the distress call and evacuated Mayor Mejtiev to safety. Fortunatly this was a training session for rapid rescue response for real disasters.

Author, Trud Newspaper- “Спасяваха” кмет с хеликоптер

Photo by Vesselina Angelova: Ivan Kristoff, better known as Spider Man, packaged in a special litter “victim” mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa Eng. Jordan Mihtiev. He participated in training for cases of real disasters on the rocks above the Arbanasi plateau.