Exteme events

The T.E.A.M. concept is
The New Efficient Module
for Rapid Rescue Unit

A duo team of one climber and one safety technician, equipped with the most advanced technology on site to remotely monitor the climbing process, weather forecast, GPS  navigation, satellite monitoring and mobile communications is the the Dream Team for light rapid climbing. One man has the mission to climb the peak and come back to safety – the other to make shore that should things go wrong, he will bring him home safe.

Rescue.One concept is
The New Self Sufficient
Rescuer of the Future

Ivan Kristoff’s concept or Resuce.One is that One volunteer rescuer can be trained and remotely supported, so that he can be self-sufficient and can respond to any rescue anywhere, at any heights, at any time.  In urban and remote areas, he should be able to respond within the One  Medical Golden Hour to any ER and have the full capability to provide in real time Live video streaming and data transfer if necessary.

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