World's First E.V.E.R.E.S.T. VR Е.В.Е.Р.ЕС.Т. - 34 години след първото българско икзачване и 65 години след покоряването на Върхът, е време да направим това, което никой друг не е правил! Искате ли да се включите в този новаторски проект?

The Everest Circle Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge

Dead-ZoneThe Highest and the Ultimate Triple Crown Traverse: trilogy that had never been attempted – Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse—three of the world’s highest mountains—in a single non-stop push.

I salute the brave made who have made trailblazing on the highest peaks in the world and have accomplished amazing feet of leap at high altitude. One challenge is left for the Ultimate Running and High Altitude Alpinism to do a full marathon on the edge of the Mt. Everest. This idea, although it may sound unrealistic to some people, it is the appropriate topic to discuss among experienced high altitude doctors, mountaineers, climbers and athletes that I plan to initiate during the E.V.E.R.E.S.T. Project at the Base Camp of Mt. Everest and meetings with trainers, Olympic, European and national champions in Bulgaria and Dubai. My interest in such an initiative is to create a project that will estimate in a scientific way, the feasibility to train SAR and Rope Access techs, as well as Embedded Extreme Journalists to train in the Dead Zone environment that can be called for ER at extreme heights and be prepared to adequately assess any situation that in the future may require such emergency.

My first approach is to set the parameters of the Dead Zone Half marathon around the Everst Top;e Crown, stating with BDZ - Below the Dead Zone peak Nuptse, traversing on the Ridge form the Base Camp of Mt. Everest, all the way to the summits of Nuptze, Lhotse and Everest.

The Non Stop Hat-trick

My first approach is to set the parameters of the Dead Zone Half Marathon around the Everest Triple Crown, starting with BDZ – Below the Dead Zone peak Nuptse, traversing on the Ridge from the Base Camp of Mt. Everest, all the way to the summits of Nuptse, Lhotse and Everest. But first we need to create a new VR map with higher resolution and close up photos of the surrounding areas as well to have interviews and share ideas with the local Sheras and very experienced high mountain climbers, many of them who has climbed many times Mt. Everest, like the Mingma Tsiri Sherpa and his brothers, who hold the Official World record for Most siblings to have climbed Everest

I want to join them in a Trekking to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest and if I get excited again to ice climbing, I will start by climbing first Peak Nuptse, because it has a magnificent view of Mt. Everest on one side and to Peak Ama Dablam on the other side. That is the first thing that I noticed when I had the Everest VR experience. So, why not extend this experience by enhancing the effect with capturing new 360 degree panoramic images and video? Also, I plan to ad Augmented Reality to this project. That is why I am teaming up with experts in VR and emerging technology that can be implemented in this project.

The Everest Circle Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge The Everest Trilogy — the Khumbu Triple Crown was achieved, and now the challenge for me is the Ultimate Challenge – the Khumbu Triple Crown Marathon.

Nuptse is the lowest of the three and rarely climbed. It is considered quite technically difficult and the South Pillar attracts the world’s best climbers. The main summit was first climbed on May 16, 1961 by a British expedition.

This may be a challenge for rope access techs, but I will be looking up to team with the best team of Sherpas to fix ropes to the summit.

We need to leave Base Camp on at 5:00 AM and previously stocked the upper camps with supplies. Nuptse is known for being a difficult summit, with loose, rotten snow and large mushrooms of wind-driven cornices that can turn into a death trap.

Here is what I wrote to my friend:

Namaste. I believe that this is possible and will ask for your opinion if you think that we can initiative this project for a three year training and achieve it by 2020. i had not climbed in 30 years and recently I had a car crash, that I nearly survived death. But I did recover and now I am motivated and I believe that with your and my experience, knowledge and will, we can achieve new the unachievable:)