"Tandem Corriere Canadese"

The Rope of life

“Imagine hanging on ropes hundreds of feet off the ground. That’s what Ivan does for a living.

He trains rescue technicians how to haul people from the air, how to rescue and give emergency first aid in inaccessible places. Above all, he trains how to prevent accidents in the first place. “Safety is my profession” he says.

Ivan Kristoff, graduated from the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria, studies IT communications at the University of Toronto and Mass Communication at the New Bulgarian University.  He acquired his skills through military engineering and SAR training, and is an experienced rescue instructor, climber, ultralight pilot, ham-radio operator, photographer and videographer. He also speaks six languages.

Known as the highest qualified rope access work technician in North America, Ivan has been in the vertical world for over 12 years and has vast experience and knowledge in all areas of exterior building maintenance and suspended access safety and regulations. Appointed to the Window Cleaning Industry Health and Safety Liaison Forum, Window Cleaning Regulation Review Working Group etc., Ivan is well known throughout the industry for his innovative ideas regarding the use of kernmentle ropes and the safest rescue operation techniques.

He applies his expertise in training programs and working procedures of his team as well operating with the latest technologically advanced equipment on the market. Kristoff is designing roof and edge rollers, terrain protectors, rope guards and wire rope ladders, harnesses, descending and ascending devices, and other safety products for his ropework applications and High Altitude Rescue.

Ivan is the founder of the Canadian Rescue Emergency Service Team (CREST) and the Eiger HEART (Highrise Emergency And Rescue Team). He is the only person in Canada to apply the use of laptop computers, digital and video cameras while hanging on ropes, resulting in a completed technical report by the end of the drop and delivering the information anywhere in the world.”