Hot Air Ballooning with the Bulgarian flag

Spiderman waved the Bulgarian flag from a balloon, high above the South Park in Sofia

The Bulgarian flag was waved 50 meters high in the air above the South Park and the American Embassy in the capital of Bulgaria. Ivan Kristoff, known as Spiderman around the world, descended on a rope, suspended from a balloon with the national flag. His patriotic initiative to celebrate the Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union was supported by the City of Sofia Municipality.

The hot heated balloon raised in front of the eyes of the amassed children and crowd. This attraction was a gift from Ivan and the Municipality to the citizens in the early afternoon. Spiderman gave his first interview after he stepped down on the ground for “The Around The World” news program.

Bulgarian National Television: – Can you see Europe from the air?

Ivan Kristoff: – We are in Europe from a long time ago, we are part of Europe and I strongly believe that Europe must be proud, because we, the Bulgarians, are more creative. I have witnessed how the Bulgarian spirit has succeeded and triumphed where others have failed…

Ivan Kristoff has lived and worked in Canada for the last 15 years. His famous as the first man on the planed, who worked on the inaccessible areas of the tallest structure and buildings in the world.

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