SpiderMan captivates Dubai with Bulgarian native beauties

 21.12.2021, Borislav Radoslavov

From the Seven Rila Lakes to the Seven Arab Emirates capture epic footage from aboard 7 planes, 7 helicopters and 7 balloons

With epic shots of our natural landmarks, Ivan Kristof, famous as Spider-Man, captivates Dubai and the world.

For this purpose, the extreme Bulgarian captured extremely beautiful footage from the board of 7 planes, 7 helicopters and 7 hot air balloons, with which he presented the premiere of his project Bulgaria – Canada – United Arab Emirates at the world exhibition “Dubai Expo 2020”.

So Ivan Kristof makes a hat trick – the incredible videos show the beautiful views from the Seven Rila Lakes, through the Seven Musalen Lakes to the Seven Emirates.

“Based on my time-tested experience in the most developed economic times, in which I have flown airplanes, helicopters, paragliders, parachutes and other aircraft of light and ultralight aviation, as well as studies in IT communications, marketing, advertising and brand management, even when I was a student at the University of Toronto, I have noticed that the most effective advertising for the promotion of a country and a destination are the main three things: security, attractiveness and uniqueness”, the SpiderMan told “Bulgaria Dnes”.

According to him, for better or for worse, it turns out that Bulgaria is among the most expensive vacation destinations for Bulgarians.

“Because I was thinking of going to Dubai for Christmas, but why, when I can give a few thousand leva and go to Velingrad or the village of Belchin… Moreover, in Dubai or any other tourist country, especially all around Bulgaria , have developed air (search and rescue) or helicopter emergency and aeromedical rescue emergency assistance. And for now only I develop the emergency response by land, water and air for emergency rescue missions within the framework of the “Golden medical hour” with the epicenter of the capital and 100 km in diameter, and for this purpose I use a helicopter in the conditions of war: you act with what you have, not what you need,” Kristof revealed to Bulgaria Today.

He is categorical that Bulgaria is perhaps the only country that is not at war, but is destroying itself with its unique and distorted policy.

“No matter if it is economic, political, advertising, tourism, in which the tourism sector and lobbyists use guerilla warfare for survival, each country harnesses even its special services to attract more tourists and investments in it,” he added.

Therefore, the expert in extreme climbing and descent, full of many ideas and working hard on their implementation, has his vision of how Bulgaria and the world today can understand the enormous strength, resources and ability that our country has at its disposal.

Alongside the impressive film, Kristof is working on another idea for an impressive advertisement for Bulgaria – a hot air balloon flight dedicated to development and innovation under the “United for Bulgaria” cause.

He is adamant that Dubai is the place where innovations such as flights can be shared at the highest level, showing how security is increasing in the air, on land and on land.

He and his team are already doing air tests with the world’s first foldable computer. The idea is to capture different perspectives of interesting places from aboard the balloon.

Later, Kristof and associates of the “United for Bulgaria” cause tour the maritime capital and the coast by air. According to the innovator from the sky, it closely resembles the boundary between land and sea in the Persian Gulf.

Ivan Kristof plans to premiere the tape at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the United Arab Emirates. The film will follow the Bulgarian successes – from what was achieved by the native cosmonauts years ago to today’s innovative initiatives for training rescuers of the future.

With the motto “Future in motion” the icing on the cake will be a presentation of footage from flights around the world – from the Seven Rila Lakes to the Seven Arab Emirates.