BaselWorld 2015

Spider Man wants to create a unique watch for rescue operations

Ivan Kristoff, who is better known as Spider Man, will design special watches for rescue operations. One of them will be of lightweight materials mixed with titanium and anti magnetic ingredients…

“I work on an innovative project for safety and security during the airplane flights and air rescue, so I visited the world exhibition Baselworld 2015, to see what is missing in the watchmaking industry” said Ivan Kristoff.

He added that it was there that he met with representatives of world brands of watches, as long planned to make a limited edition for rope access technicians and ER personnel.

“My idea is to create a new model clock. The entire development will take 12 weeks. The implementation of the model will be by a Swiss company,” reveals Ivan Kristoff.

The grand idea of ​​the adventurer is to organize and execute a world class technical demonstration with the multifunctional watch. The entire campaign will be prepared in Bulgaria. The pictures will be taken near natural phenomena, strange places and iconic landmarks. “This will promote our country around the world and will help to attract foreign tourists and investors,” said Ivan Kristoff.