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 Specialized training for high-altitude SAR and rescue work

Ivan Kristoff developed his flying skills over the rugged mountains of Bulgaria, and also flew heli-rope access and filming in Canada, Bulgaria and Dubai. And he stresses that the aerial rescue operations are not a destination for beginners.

“I’ve seen a lot of people from all over coming in and wanting to be a heli rope access tech,” he told Vertical Rescue Magazine His advice to such techs is, “Make sure you go and learn some good skills before you get into our Training Program at the Institute for Vertical and Aerial operations (.I.V.A.N.). Don’t expect just to learn the skills here. It’s not a place to go and give it a crack.”


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Xeликотерна  “Пожарникарска намеса”


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Медицински курсове за бъдещи спасители


Маке the international headlines with a new feat

We want to spread the message that volunteer rescuers can accomplish extreme adventures at extreme heights. Everest has been climbed by thousands of people since it was first scaled 75 years ago, but the E.V.E.R.E.S.T. Project organizer, wants to fly over and be the first rescue team that does it in a hot air balloon.

Push the limits of aerial photography

Volunteer rescuers will try to fly above Mount Everest and hopefully inspire others to inspire other volunteers to fly the world’s highest mountain. Ivan Kristoff will make a joint bid next year and fly to base Camp to explore the sight.

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We are proud to offer luxurious charters exclusively for #ForBulgaria from a fleet of VIP configured aircrafts

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Fly #ForBulgaria

Vertical Rescue Magazine showcased in Bulgaria new aerial events that took place at Pirin, Vitosha and Rila Mountains. Ivan Kristoff initiated this series of special events and project to promote the beauty of Bulgaria with the #ForBulgaria project. We’ve teamed up with pilots to bring you the special excitement for people who want to support the project.


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We recently visited Bulgaria to report on that country’s civil aviation industry, which you can read more about soon. In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with Ivan Kristoff to bring you exclusive bonus content from Bulgaria, here and on social media. Find more at,  on Instagram @ivankristoff  and on our social media at

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Flying above Everest

In 2019 we plan to fly from Bulgaria to Nepal with a private jet to first see the High Himalayas from the air, and from there to fly with a Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) AS350 B3 helicopter and a hot air balloon over the Base Camp of Mt. Everest  and make a record-setting flight with new technology and methodology for SAR training.

Хибридно клетъчно / сателитно GPS проследяване

Hybrid Dual-Mode Cellular / Satellite GPS Tracking With V2 TRACK

Hot Air Ballooning Over Everest

Lt. Col. Niko Kalaydjiev, military pilot from the Bulgarian Air Forces, Rosen Kadabov, hot air balloon pilot and Ivan Kristoff, paragliding pilot, are going on a one-of-a-kind aerial adventure from Bulgaria, across seas and mountains to preapared themselves for a hat-trick flights that include helicopter rides. soon we will have details about this extraordinary journey.


Kilometers from Sofia Airport to Lukla Airport


At list one kilometer higher then Mount Everest


Approximate estimate of total flight in kilometers


Metters above sea level with hot air ballon at Mount Everest BC

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