Achieve New Heights in Timing for Rescue

Frotis-Amadee Dedicated to the concept of creating the  Rescuer of the Future We support projects around the world that build a stronger community of innovators, experts and rescuers.

We are creating an innovative specialized training for rope access technicians that has been developed for the future Bulgarian astronauts. The Official Cosmonauts AMADEE-18 Chronograph, the new member ofFORTIS Watches is joining the team. With the SRTI-BAS we will conduct fundamental studies in the field of Space Physic that apply for rescue missions.

Our goal is to teach rescuers the knowledge and wisdom of the astronauts, professors and professionals from the space science who have great experience and information and access to the most advanced technology. You will learn comprehensive knowledge of the sports psychology that prepares astronauts for their flights and dealing with creative solutions when problems arise up there – at extreme heights and far away from any back up or assistance.

From dealing with psychological challenges, like the “Call of the Abyss” that people experience on the edge of a high structures of some astronauts have experienced outside of spaceship, to Space Motion Sickness (SMS) we will get the essentials of all aspects of space science and psychology that can relate to extreme rescue operations on Earth.


We will test products and services at extreme speeds, heights and places reserved  only for our partners

Space Motion Sickness

During the very first exterior rope access work on the top of the Antenna Mast of the CN Tower was quite a challenge when we had to notice the symptoms of Seasickness at extreme heights. That is when we found out what happens on the top of super high structures that moves significantly up there…. Try standing on your one feet only and see what happens

Headaches and Back Pain

We found the solution for the Spatial Movement Sickness (SMS) ath the height above 500 meters off the ground by applying methods that jet fighter pilots use in their flying and combat missions. Headache in inverted positions seems to be a function of fluid accumulation in the head and sinuses; try standing on your head for a long period and see what happens.

Psychological Problems

The Fear Factor and the effects of fear and anxiety on task performance will be the focus on our studies. Fear of Heights, The Shock Doctrine, Self-efficacy, Perception of danger and Psychological Special Case – ‘The Call of the Abyss’ will be subjected to case studies of real life operation at extreme heights and conditions that have happened in the rescue world.


We are building our Mission Control and Air Traffic Tower near an airport in the mountains

Авиошоу София 2016


The Bulgarian Space Menu for SAR Technicians

We are partnering with the Academy of the Ministry of Interior Faculty of “Fire and Emergency Services” to create new training and edutainment programs for rescue.We will conduct a new scientific approach to training firemen to deal with extreme situations and conditions as astronauts are trained in some aspects.

Our goals is to send our team in space with a new Space Adventure program. For that reason, we are partnering with the Space Research and Technologies Institute and Institute for cryobiology and lyophilization of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, to implement their R&D to the world of rescue.

The intake of food is one of the most important physiological factors which is of decisive importance in sustaining the work capacity, adaptive powers and health condition on the astronauts during long space flights.

The dominant negative factors encountered in the extraordinary labour nad living conditions in space are weightlessness, high pressure, high radioactivity, peculiar microclimate, great nervous and psychological stress, limited scope of movement noise and vibrations, among others. The qualitative and quantitative sufficiency of the food is od critical importance in helping astronauts cope with the negative process underway in the organizme under the influence of the adverse factors typical of long flights.

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