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smartpnoneCNAchieve New Heights in Mobile Communications
We have an extraordinary philosophy called Achieve New Heights – a unique approach to extreme sports and projects that we support. One of the latest projects, which we completed, was ropework on the world’s tallest structure in 2003.

Up there we had a point of view that most others don’t. The Sony Ericsson P900 let us capture that view.

Our team has committed resources to fully supporting the endeavors of his team members from a variety of extreme disciplines in training – thus creating H.E.A.R.T, a group of rope access technicians and professional engineers, who continue to re-define the limits of human potential. H.E.A.R.T. members engage in extraordinary events throughout the year, in the most extreme circumstances, around the world. Possessing the courage and the will to cross new frontiers, these exceptional men embody the purest expression of the Achieve New Heights philosophy.

With each project, H.E.A.R.T members put their physical and mental determination against the elements of danger to achieve a predetermined goal. On May 2002, Our principal Ivan Kristoff set the world record in rappelling and ascending on a rope from a helicopter, rewriting the procedures for rope access on MI-17 turbo twin-engine aircraft. As Ivan prepares for a 3000 feet descend and ascend on a rope, suspended by a flying helicopter or balloon, We have the honor of participating in this outstanding episode in the history of human endeavor.

These and other extreme endeavors carried out by our team members have created new trends in the vertical environment. Most importantly, they personify the concept of Achieving New Heights, proving to all that the impossible is attainable.

 The benefits for our technical partner Sony Ericsson Canada
We have already provided exclusive product placement and additional national and global media exposure of radio and telecommunications, which have reached millions of people.

We expanded this cooperation by utilizing Ericsson products in our events, case studies, and collateral. More specifically, our use of Ericsson’s technology for data and image transfers in inaccessible places showcased and validated their value propositions for unparalleled performance and reliability. Specific applications include:

  • Emergency Response and Rescue
  • Photographic and Video Surveys
  • Tower, Bridge and Wall Inspections
  • Helicopter Access and Operations

Our innovative applications of technology generate considerable amount of media attention. The use of technology in extreme situations is key to the success of our projects!

Areas in which we work together include:

  • Ericsson product/TV advertisement, articles, product placement, case studies, etc.
  • Corporate events, trade shows, technical demonstrations, press conferences, seminars, photo exhibitions, interactive multi-media and entertaining events, etc.
  • Global and national public/media exposure and documentary films

We are also scheduled to set a series of new categories for the “The Guinness Book of World Records.” These innovative events, when  endorsed by sponsors provide new opportunities for global exposure and will reinforce their leadership in the world photography and videography.