Solution to the Venturi effect on high rises

You are invited to join the inniative of the #ProjectExtreme to make the suspended industry safer…
One solution I proposed back in the last century and became a law in the high altitude industry of the entire province of Ontario. It would be smart if the other provinces in Canada followed our By-Laws and guidlenes for rope access safety.
Questions raised after worker falls from scaffolding outside Edmonton’s Stantec Tower and fire crews were called for for a high angle rescue. One person was dangling by a harness off suspended scaffolding on the outside of the building, about five stories up.
So, The Alberta Federation of Labour is calling for penalties against a company involved in a terrifying incident.

From such a height, soon Bulgarian mountaineers in Canada made а huge mistake by failing to follow the elementary instructions and safety procedures for tall buildings that I imposed in the By-Law Regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Labor, in my capacity of a member of the Technical Commeetee of Industry

И тъй, като едно младо българче бе замесено в този инцидент, ще споделя едно решение, което предложих още в миналия век и се превърна в Закон във височинната индустрия на цялата провинция в Онтарио.
За да избегнете това да се повтори, моля, следвайте решенията, описани в това видео в 1:14 – 1:50 минута

От такава височина, скоро български алпинисти в Канада, са допуснали поредна огромна грешка, като не са спазвали елементарните указания и процедури за безопасност на високи сгради, които наложих в Закона (By-Law regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Labour), в качеството си на член на Техническата комисия на индустрията