Уроците на Макиавели

Shooting with the Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism

Photo: Shooting in the Firing Range of the Bulgarian Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism (S.O.B.T.)


At the “Special Operations Services” – (S.O.S.) team, performance and reliability are of primary importance. This goes not only for our personal best, but also for every instrument we choose to measure our results and timing.

We train in harsh environment in the vertical field, up in the air, but also in confined spaces and shooting ranges. In such environment, where precise timing and performance is paramount, we demand unfailing reliability and readability of our equipment and timekeepers.  This is why for training and rescue operations in extreme conditions we prefer to wear specialized watches.

We are made of steel, train hard and we don’t expect anything less from our equipment and time measuring instruments.