Saving Mel Lastman

Daily Commercial and Construction News
Friday, September 12, 2003

In what he describes as a “typical scenario for emergency response and rapid deployment of rescue personnel to inaccessible areas,” Ivan Kristoff of Vertical Rescue and Rope Access, (present in all three photos), demonstrated an aerial emergency response with a helicopter last week at Lion head Golf and Country Club, where Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman (back seat of motorcycle with Kristoff) held his 11th annual Mayoral Charity Golf Tournament.

The goal:.”To lake off and be airborne, fly to the area of destination, rappel down on the motorcycle, pick up the mayor and bring him to  safety,” Kristoff explained. “It was performed in less than three minutes. I showcased a new concept for rapid-access procedures during high rise crisis situations where time is critical”

Dear Ivan: I am writng you to thank you for your participating in this years Lastman Invitational Golf Classic. This annual event would have been pissible wihout your support. Many charities have benefited from this event over the years and this year is no different....Mayor of Toronto

Mayor of Toronto writes to Spideman