B496worldrecordThe driving force of our management team is not only to complete quickly  and cost effectively our tasks, but also to help our professional and emergency community. We strive to find innovative solutions and maker safer the vertical and aerial rope access field of work. Our experience and know-how of  vertical and remote access at extreme conditions and heights, contribute to the development and improvement of safety standards. We venture above the limits of conventional ropework practices, create and test on ourselves our avant-garde methods, and do anything in good faith to bring humanity a few steps ahead. We achieve new heights in the suspended access, we climb at high altitude towers, descend from helicopters, enjoy extreme conditions, and all our clients are happy with the results. But most important we always come alive from work. No matter how risky it was.

Eiger founded the Canadian Rescue Emergency Service Team (C.R.E.S.T) and a Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.), two non-profit organizations that consist of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to saving lives through rescue and safety education. As a volunteer force working with other emergency services and government agencies, the two teams are striving to enhance rescue procedures, training and communications in the Emergency Management Community.

In previous aerial ropework operations from a twin-engine helicopter with Canadian and Bulgarian government organizations, team members have demonstrated innovative techniques for helicopter rapid access during emergency response on high-rise buildings and remote areas.

Eiger’s solutions for work at height, emergency response and rescue applications have played an important role in the exploration of verticality and setting up new trends in the suspended access environment. We contribute to the development of innovative rope access and rescue procedures for rapid deployment of high angle technicians to high-rise buildings at extreme heights. Our aerial response specialists have extensive experience in extreme conditions, combat training and helicopter ropework with Military and Police tactical aviation units.

Safety is paramount for the Eiger team. We are an independent consulting company and installer of fall protection systems. We can not only help choose the best solution for the specific situation but also install both permanent and temporary fall protection systems. We provide services for horizontal as well as vertical systems. Our customers can rest assured that our independence from the producers of fall protection systems makes us think only about the needs of our customers.

Aerial and high rise fall arrest protection
The best fall protection system is determined by the specific situation.  Eiger Rope Access have many years of experience from both consulting and installation of fall protection systems. Combined with industrial rope access our experience gives us the opportunity to offer cost effective fall protection systems with state of the art safety no matter what environment we operate in.

We have worked with the leading manufacturers of fall protection  and anchor systems.

Experience with Engineering Companies
MHSL & Associates Limited, Building Sciences Inc., Equicon Engineering Limited, Telco Industries Inc., Anchor Engineering Systems Inc., etc.




Our Emergency and  Rescue Assistance
There are times in your rope-work projects when you need it.

Did you know that fire rescue services are limited to highrise rope rescue, especially on the hard to reach areas on the exterior walls of tall buildings?

Vertical access accidents and emergency situations at highrise buildings or tall towers and structures put rope work technicians in life-threatening situations in which their lives suddenly depend on medical aid from the air?

Bear in mind that these kinds of incident can happen anywhere and at any time. So don’t delay – contact us to introduce  for our Emergency Planning and Highrise Emergency and Aerial Response/Rescue Assistance Program.

Our Heli Rescue Procedure

With your support from us, you will protect your clients, your personnel and yourself with cover for emergencies of all kinds and at the same time support our rescue initiative.

Canadian Leader in Safety, Rescue and Technology Innovation in the Rope Access Industry

VerticalRescue.com has pioneered the development of the most comprehensive, industry leading aerial and high-rise rope access services and has been consistently recognized for significant contributions to the advancement of the profession. We have successfully completed some of the most dangerous vertical projects in Ontario. 
 Suspended Access Emergency Response Planing and Rescue
VerticalRescue.com is preparing Emergency Rope Rescue Response Plans, Crisis Management, Aerial/Highrise Rope Rescue Procedures and Accident Prevention Programs for the suspended access industry. 
24 Hours Emergency Service
The Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) is always on standby. We are the industry leader in providing high rise, aerial emergency response and rope rescue to inaccessible places. 
Helicopter Operations and Load Hauling
VerticalRescue.com operated with Eurocopter TwinStar twin-engine helicopter for any aerial operations, such as: load hauling and lowering, remote access, aerial photography, etc. Our rescue team consists of two helicopter pilots, two rope access technicians, a doctor and a paramedic, each with a minimum 15 years experience. 
Experts in Risk and Crisis Management
We train in the high-risk and vertical environment on a daily basis to improve rescue skills that will minimize loss of life, injury, property damage, and maximize the emergency response through innovation. 
Permanent Visual Records
VerticalRescue.com  provides high-quality pictures and video edited footage of our projects and emergency response and rescue procedures. We can broadcast you live-video reports during our remote access operations. 
Cost and Time Efficiency
Through innovative concepts world we accomplish in one rappel what others accomplish in several. 
New Equipment in Building Protection
We operate with the most comprehensive devices in order to increase safety, protect our client’s property and piece of mind. Our team invented remote rigging systems, rope access equipment and even applied unrelated technologies to the rope access industry.
New Technology
Through the use of our mobile computing laptops, digital/video/still cameras and communication devices, you will benefit from our on-site real time technical reports and situation management. 
VerticalRescue.com, the aerial specialists, have worked in some of the most extreme conditions in the vertical environment around the world. We are creating new trends in the construction, management, and emergency response industry
  • Emergency response and repairs on inaccessible places
  • Vertical, aerial and remote access
  • Helicopter loading operations
  • Emergency and Rescue situations
  • Crane rescue and Public Safety
  • Insurance claims
  • Damage control

Rope Access at Extreme Environmental Conditions

VerticalRescue.com rope access technicians have the experience of unique situations while working at extreme heights, brutal winds and cold weather. The are trained to thrive in the harshest environments and relax at high altitude climbing expeditions.

Each field services supervisor has a wide range of expertise and experience in all phases of vertical access services including:

  • Rigging and aerial lift use
  • Proper handling of specialized tools
  • Working under unusual environmental conditions
  • Specialized logistics

An extreme environment exhibits harsh and challenging environment conditions of rope access work in high altitude, such as extremes of temperature, far outside the boundaries of what a conventional ropework technician can comfortably tolerate. For example, up there, the winds are stronger, it is colder and a combination of falling icicles, as we have experienced, can be lethal…

An extreme environment is one where humans generally do not live. However, we choose to work, hang on ropes and explore these places. Examples of extreme environments include rope work on the tallest structure during a snow blizzard and brutal winds.

Work in Microwave Radiation Environment (RF)
VerticalRescue.com rope access technicians have the experience of unique situations while working at extreme heights, brutal winds and cold weather. The are trained to thrive in the harshest environments and relax at high altitude climbing expeditions.

See more: 
Extreme Rope Access and Rescue Training

Vertical Access on the Tallest Tower in the World – 2003 – CN Tower

RISK MANAGEMENT is our brand name

  is a pioneer and technology provider of rope access work, utilizing cutting-edge technology solutions for inaccessible places. By maintaining effective interactivity with our clients and technology providers around the globe, we are always in position to address the unique needs and requirements of our partners.

VerticalRescue.com has gained an international reputation as a leading provider of value added rope access work for property and construction project managers.

The company has gained vast experience in developing high-rise and rope rescue emergency plans and procedures.

By constantly updating and changing the face of this new concept of high-rise aerial/vertical emergency response and keeping in touch with the needs of the construction and property maintenance industry, our innovative solutions set new standards for remote access rescue.

VerticalRescue.com’s broad list of resources, industrial rescue and communications equipment is essential for the success of our rescue missions.

Our extensive experience is our guarantee of reliability and performance. As leaders in the Aerial Rope Access and Rescue industry, our goal is to design innovative services with focus on the utilization of digital technology.

Our long list of customers and marketing partners includes leading IT providers, multinational corporations, political parties, government agencies, radio stations, production companies, and other private service providers.

Canada’s Prime Rope Access and Vertical Rescue firm since 1993
Why we are proud of this statement? Because our company was chosen to conduct the very first exterior rope access work on the unconquered hard to reach places of the highest antenna mast in the world.  We thrived in the harshest environment, in freezing cold, brutal winds and sometimes extreme conditions during this job. We are proud to be the first choice of the consulting engineers to work on our hometown and Canada’s landmark.

Our strength:

  • Advanced Technology
  • We create unique aerial and vertical photo opportunities
  • Strong Media Relations and PR History
  • Solid base of experience, knowledge and client list
  • Providing unique solutions to assist your company in the following services designed for inaccessible places

What have we done in short time?

  • Eiger has been consistently recognized for significant contributions to the advancement of the profession, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, and the vertical world of rescue.
  • Eiger has pioneered the development and delivery of the most comprehensive aerial/high-rise rope work services in Canada.

Since 1993, VerticalRescue.com is continuously creating new trends in the vertical environment. We introduced to the Ontario Ministry of Labour officials the rope access methods as an alternative solution to suspended access for work at height and hard to reach areas.

VerticalRescue.com sponsored and trained a volunteer high-angle rescue team, which consists of professional engineers, pilots, rope-access technicians, IT communications experts, and medical personnel. What seemed to be an impossible task became one of Ivan’s favorite objectives: shape the industry towards a safer future for riggers and minimize injuries and loss of life in the vertical field of work.

VerticalRescue.com has completed some of the most challenging projects at height in Ontario. Also, VerticalRescue.com created the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (HEART). The main objective of H. E. A. R. T. is to enhance public safety through rescue and safety education, provide emergency response, and assist in accident assessment in inaccessible places.

The primary function of the team is to minimize loss of life, injuries, and property damage and maximize rescue efficiency through innovation for work at heights.

Customer Focus
The company is client/mission-oriented. We are dedicated to being the leader in providing quality products and services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Quality control plays an important role by assuring that the company can produce and deliver the quality services expected by its customers.

We set standards of service and quality by providing clients with a technical report with permanent visuals of the performed work. Trough the advancement of the latest technology in photo, video and mobile communications, we allow our clients to monitor and review our performance. We are open and provide full information for the best solutions of the client’s problem.

We consult and involve other expert opinions in the field of their specialty. We always look for ways to improve our services. On some special projects we have worked with other providers to ensure that services are more effective, co-ordinated, and deliver a better service to the client.

Eiger maintains a loyal customer base through our client-oriented focus on business. All employees are trained and held responsible for providing superior service and developing a long lasting trust bond with our clients.

Technical Consultations and Rope access work solutions at extreme heights
Our services are offered to building contractors, architects, public authorities and technical consultancy firms. By planning for maintenance and inspection by means of vertical access early on in a project, the future costs for maintenance and inspection can be kept down. Making a project suitable for vertical access typically requires only a small investment. Service and maintenance can be carried out without scaffolds and mobile cranes thus saving time and money.Our solutions for operations at height, emergency response and rescue applications have played an important role in the exploration of verticality and setting up new trends in the suspended access environment. We have contributed to the development of innovative procedures for rapid deployment of emergency responders from MI-24, the world’s fastest helicopter. Our team of aerial response specialists have extensive experience in extreme conditions, combat training and helicopter rope-work with Military and Police tactical aviation units.

Projects carried out include the following work with tactical units and government organizations:

  • Bulgarian Air Forces
  • Air Force Tactical Unit
  • “Faculty of Fire Service and Emergency”
  • Bulgarian National Police (Gendarmerie)

Every member of the VerticalRescue.com operative personnel has over 10 years of experience in their field of expertise or academic qualifications.  A minimum of two years military experience plus specialized training with tactical and rescue units from various departments of  Military Air Force, Police, Fire services is required before applying for an employment opportunities in VerticalRescue.com. A job applicant must demonstrate a history of efficient teamwork and the ability to work under extreme physical and mental pressure, resolve work solutions on his own in short time, and willingness to develop new skill to his personal best.

They must be trained to respond to high risk situations in which specialized rope access and aerial rescue training and equipment is necessary. Situations requiring such response may include, but not limited to: Highrise Emergency Aerial Response; High-Angle, Confined Space and Remote Access Rescue and other vertical and aerial operations that can be performed during emergency situations and crisis management.

The primary objective for these requirements is because most of our calls are to work on unique projects, where no other company has the experience to work in critical situations. Our strength is to assist in the resolution of critical incidents and situations where we provide airborne vertical rescue services throughout the world.

Eiger is an authorized dealer for some of the leading rope access equipment manufacturing companies. We have specialized equipment for hosting personnel, heavy equipment and rescue operations such as, Steel cable Winch System and various Hauling Systems with 3:1 mechanical advantage.

Our cooperation agreement with other companies and technical equipment dealers enables us to be more flexible for additional assistance.

Paraguard Stretcher
The Paraguard type rescue stretcher and should be a must, and a part of all rescue & evacuation equipment. It is of great assistance in immobilizing the patient in the safest possible way during transport, and use in field conditions Spatially High Altitude & Rough Terrain including the multi-dimensional requirement of the medical & rescue teams of our defense forces at the locality of the injury.

The medical stretcher has been specially designed for multi-terrain use. This is possible with accessories which allows the patient to be carried in the snow by a single person as well as lifted vertically by a helicopter from mountainous terrain, including dragging on snow with its Skis with only one person to drag it.

VerticalRescue.com is a proud member of the International Vertical Access Network. Some of the following links will be a helpful resource for innovative concepts and contributions to the vertical and aerial world of rescue:




VerticalRescue.com is in business to solve your problems in the most time/cost effective way. Our ongoing research and investment has produced a level of quality, which surpasses many times that of the competition. It ensures that you will get the best professionals in the business, the advanced equipment and innovative service.

We guarantee our work will be within schedule and budget. All work can be monitored via live-video, wireless progression photography and mobile computing. If you want to know what is on the outside of your building, let us be your eyes:

  • We can document the conditions of your building envelope in pictures and words
  • We can fix the problem if it originates on the exterior of your building or structure

Telecommunications at extreme heights
We have worked on a series projects with some of the leading European telephony, cable, and internet services providers. We achieved the unachievable by solving the problems at the unreachable areas of tallest Antenna Mast in the world.

We organized and completed the very first aerial video surveillance (from a helicopter) with the technology of 3G and 4G in real time.[9] The event was documented with an expert from the leading GSM operator in Bulgaria – VIVACOM, a TV crew from BBT TV and Krasimir Svrakov, Chief of Photography of Standart Нewspaper.0] The project was developed by Ivan Kristoff and experts in mobile computing and IT communications. Over a one year period they have worked together, along with the representative from Hewlett-Packard Bulgaria. They assisted Ivan in the search of the most advanced and effective equipment and wireless video broadcast technology (including IP cameras). These information systems could be used in remote areas during crisis situations.

Eiger  ensures a fast and reliable service for construction, installation or equipment maintenance.


Въжени и Височинни дейности
Корпорацията “VerticalRescue.com” стартира най-всеобхватната височинна/въздyшна и инженерно-консултантска дейност в областта на строително-монтажните работи в Северна Америка. Нашата репутация се изгради с извършването на едни от най-опасните новаторски проекти при екстремни условия на работа през зимата.

Проектите включват спасителни акции, хеликоптерни операции, първата аварийна поправка и работа с въжета на антената на най-високото здание в светa.
“Айгър” предоставя следните височинно/въжени услуги:

  • Въздyшно Спасяване и Аварийни Дейности.
  • Саниране, Хидроизолация и Топлоизолация.
  • Технически Оценки и Контрол на Качество.
  • Инспекции и поддръжка на фасади и покриви.
  • Реставрации и Боядисване на сгради и комини.
  • Екипиране и Достъп до затворени пространства

Бързи ремонти и поправки на дефекти по стените на фасади, кyмини, калкани, структури на покриви и антени.

Инсталации на труднодостъпни места:

  • Външна реклама, Платна и билбордове.
  • Комуникационни  системи, GSM и  ИТ съоръжения.
  • Охранителна и Наблюдателна техника.
  • Монтаж/Демонтаж на леки/тежки конструкции.
  • Осветления, Декоративни/Архитектурни елементи.

Ние гарантираме, че нашата работа ще бъде приключена по разписание и определен бюджет. Вие можете да наблюдавате изпълнението на дейността ни чрез видео на живо и докyментация със снимки.

  • Ако искате да знаете какво се случва от външната страна на вашите обекти, ние ще бъдем вашите очи.
  • Ние можем да поправим всякакви проблеми на труднодостъпни места.
  • Ние сме застраховани за $2,000,000 на случай.