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Dimitar Spisarevski – the living torpedoes in the air. In the new century of Bulgarian aviation, somewhere I remember the best Bulgarians who glorified and defended it, admitted no Bulgarian knowledge so that I would not be plenary and there would be no Bulgarian battle and war, not to be lost . Captain Dimitar Spisarevski – needs Bulgarian live torpedoes, was born on June 19, 1916, in Dobrich. It is a pilot and an ace that is associated with the proverbial courage and mastery in aerial combat, defending the skies over Sofia during World War II. A war that Allied flying planes bombarded Sofia and other cities. I believe that on June 19, 2016, we would be sure to register with our relative with data as a recognition and reminder of his feat and sacrifice, which saves many Bulgarians and apartment buildings from air bombardment. Check out the test on June 11 to see that with light aviation, your fight is the capital of Bulgarian test pilot Dimitar Spisatelsky, who dies in his combat flight after being struck by a serious US B-24 bomber. This remained through the air during a ram raid during the bombing of Sofia during World War II.
Incredible sacrifice of the fighter pilot, capital Dimitar Spisarevski, propelling a powerful flight in an air ram, no one reminding of cargo. This year, now, we have to help America change other nations … I remember years ago for Aviation Day being pulled over to the grave of Dimitar Spisarevsky to pay tribute to a truly amazing personality with character. We met with Lieutenant General Dimitar Georgiev, a former commander of the Air Force, and talked to us that the history of Bulgarian aviation has not been registered. I think I have a lot more to do for the memory of this person and I hope to succeed in this endeavor, even though it is not my strength.


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