About This Project

Ivan Kristoff – 2017 Is The Time to Take Action and Create a Free of Charge Mountain Rescue Team in Bulgaria.

All that I have seen during the “Flights over the Rila Lakes” has absolutely terrified me. Now again is the time to take bold unprecedented bold action. It is time for me to ask again: Why victims people must pay for insurance and victims must pay for their rescue, when the Bulgarian government is paying the Bulgarian Red Cross 3.000000 leva per year for Mountain Rescue?

As a Bulgarian citizen, it is time to declare no more talk.

No more 10-year telling the public that volunteer rescue team can do the work that government agencies cannot, showing how to changes can be done and taking always the initiative.

No more allowing the Bulgarian Red Cross to continue their monopoly that affect the present and future of rescue.

That is our mission now. You are the people who can make the changes. We ask you to join us.