Optimal Performance


Vertical QuestThe Optimal Performance research is proposed to Military, Emergency Measure Services, crisis situation responders, tactical units and rope rescue technicians. It will explore the various ropework operations in the field of confined space rescue in mines, elevator shafts and caves; as well as High Angle/vertical/aerial rescuers on the exterior of buildings, towers, cliffs and hard to reach places.

The scope of work covers various aspects of operations that must be performed by first responders to a natural or man-made disaster in remote areas and high elevations in the vertical environment. Primary areas of interest is the measurement of physical endurance and performance during rapid access assaults from a helicopter, long-term rope work operations and crisis situation management control in extreme conditions. Some of these activities involve transporting emergency providers and rescue equipment to and from hard to reach places by the means of rope safety and the mechanical advantages of rope pulley systems.

Achieve New Heights, a mission that has no limits, will attempt to measure the human endurance that rope access technicians experience during long period of continues rope work. Supported by a team of doctors and experts in harness pathology Ivan Kristoff plans to rappel and ascend at extreme heights in a hot air balloon. His attempt to dare atmospheric limits holds the potential to provide valuable medical and scientific research data for future pioneers.

Achieve New Heights, a mission that has no limitsIvan wants to address the problem of harness induced pathology, which occurs when the “frog” method of rope ascent is used. A new type of incidents has appeared in the vertical world: A 1983 study of deaths caused by suspension in a sit-harness, has led France’s medical commission to consider the possibility of an additional factor potentially responsible for the cause of death

Kristoff’s support team will remotely observe the heart rate monitoring of Ivan in real time. The purpose of this research is to experiment in different environment the capabilities of remote and distant medical monitoring of prolonged rope access work in the open air. The results of this project will help to find the best efficiency of preparing rope access technicians for work on super highrise buildings. Ivan’s experience on some of the tallest buildings in the world has pointed the need for better preparedness for rope access at extreme heights.

Researching extremes is part of Ivan Kristoff’s goals. His job is to lead his men on the top of tall buildings and work in harsh environment. Example for such work is the very first rope access on the Antenna Mast of the tallest structure in the world, in 2003.  His mission was to complete emergency repairs for a very short time. Ivan ascended and traversed on ropes near the most powerful RF and microwave radiation. He wore a specialized suit to protect him from the strong RF exposure. One way to Ivan to find out if his support and rescue team is exposed to radiation is to check if their HR is increasing.

Now Ivan wants to find more efficient ways to manage the team’s performance in such situations. That is why he shared his experience with aerospace research personnel during the scientific conference of the Bulgarian Academy of Science in 2011. Today Ivan and his specialized team hope to take what was learned from Ivan’s accomplishments and explore new ways for scientific research.

A mobile medical and filming team, from the ground and the air, will follow Ivan in his quest.

For the very fist time in the world, ten years ago, Ivan Kristoff started rappelling and ascending on a rope suspended by a fixed balloon. His main purpose was the preparation for his scientific project and testing the most appropriate filming equipment for live video broadcast.

In the air: Testing IT Technology for wireless photo and video surveillance
In the air with NIKE Dry Fit otufit





Demonstration of tactics for hostage rescue and rapid access rope rescue during testing of NIKE Dry-Fit equipment
Ivan Kristoff financed and sponsored the initiative of the company members to support the Emergency Services Community. In front of hotel EXPO, members of the Fire Department, Police and Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism, conducted the “Blackhawk 2007” exercise for emergency response during crisis situation, resulted from a terrorist attack. Kristoff, known as Spiderman, helped for the evacuation of a heavy injured victim after a fire blaze on the roof.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrated how to handle terrorism threat on 9/11, 6 years after the attacks in New York.

Hostage-rescue demo with Ivan Kristoff, Police and Emergency Services
BTV Prime Time News -9/11, 2007

Ivan Kristoff, founder of the “Special Operations Squad” performed a vertical rescue operation on the exterior wall of the hotel

btvНа 11 септември МВР демонстрира как се справя с тероризма
МВР показа в учение как се справя с терористични заплахи точно на 11 септември, 6 години след атаките в САЩ. Иван Кристоф, известен като Човекът паяк, помогна за евакуацията на тежко пострадал при пожар на покрива на столичния хотел “Експо”.

AntonioErindeleTraining with top Olympic champion Antonio Krastev in Erindale campus, University of Toronto
In the 90’s we approached Antonio Krastev, two times Summer Olympics and World Champion, to train our rope access technicians and emergency responders for “heavy duty” rescue. Antonio improved our specialized training for lifting during rope access and rope rescue. Antonio set up a few new world records for weight lifting. Just see the video: Antonio Krastev – Setting Unbeatable Record !

We train with the best of the best, and anything less. This is why we highly appreciate the work and enthusiasm, which our dear friend and one of the “Top olympic lifters of the 20th century”

Since 1987 until now, nobody has reached his snatch of 216kg. According to “Power Lift”, the world’s strongest man is the Bulgarian – Antonio Krastev. Twice World Champion, and Twice European Heavy Lifting Champion.  The heaviest official snatch of all time.


We encourage our rope access technicians to be prepared for the unexpected and deal with any situation. The training includes the not only the physical endurance, but also the mental stamina. Therefore, some of us just love to hang around with ropes and without ropes. As Ivan Kristoff likes to say “The higher I am, the longer I’ll live when I fall down”.


















От краткотрайнотo, само три-минутно представление на Нуриев, може би оформих визията си за това как да правиш представяне. което да е неповторимо и да спре дъха на публиката. Обожавах джаз балета и като любител започнах да танцувам в дансинг трупа в София. Когато отидох в Торонто само взех няколко урока в Рандолф Денс Академи. Тогава видях, че Nuriev & Company представление в Roy Thompson Hall в Торонто и с голямо вълнение отидох с роднините и приятелка да го видим. Първо започнаха да танцуват поне половин час трупата от Компанията – явно за това той беше с трупа, та бях даже бая нетърпелив, защото исках да видя нещо, което не съм виждал в живота си. докато не се появи и Нуриев. Той направи едно кратко, но вълшебно изпълнение.

Не съм авторитет по професионалния балет, но за да разбереш, че наблюдаваш нещо божествено, не ти трябва PhD диплома. Видях как се изпълняват перфектни движения, сякаш тренирани от съществуването на земята и как човек лети из въздуха и се приземява с финес и съвършена красота на движенията. Видях какво означава да нямаш никакво излишно движение. О т този момент и може би несъзнателно си оформих професионалната концепция, да се само тренирам, за да нямам излишни движения, когато работя във въздуха.

Тези три минути, бяха достатъчни , за да компенсират цялото време, което преди това и след това буквално “изтърпях” да гледам от представлението. Това бе целия танц на Нуриев, може би един от последните му през живота, защото скоро след това почина, но тези три минути останаха незабравими. След това наблюдавах и изпълнението на Баришников в Торонто, което беше цяла програма, но не бях изумен след като видях какво означава най-добрия (през моите очи) в сета да танцува. Години по късно, когато участвах в спасителна тренировка по Вода-земя и въздух в с. Свети Влас, капитана на наетата от Морска администрация катер ми каза: “Наблюдавах движенията ти много внимателно и бях изумен. В тях нямаше нито едно движение….”.