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Ivan Kristoff

This will be Ivan Kristoff’s tribute as a filmmaker and screenwriter. The project will start shooting in 2018 and will be the very first movie that is shot with innovative technology specially developed for the it and the rescue world.

Shooting DIARY

With the Princes of Dubai and Minister of UAE

From the Canadian Media and
“The Morning Block”, Bulgarian National TV

Mansoor Alfeeli


Mansoor Alfeeli

“Ivan and I are very good friends. We met through a common friend Boryana. I first met him in Dubai. I knew him as the Bulgaria Spiderman. I have seen his work and I like it, and now I support him in this project. I like the idea and we are trying to realize this project between Bulgaria and Dubai.”
Interview with Ivo Nikodimov, Bulgarian National TV

Boryana Cherganova

TV reporter

Boryana Cherganova

“We are again on the site of which there will be a lot of adrenaline during today’s day. There will be “Breakfast over Sofia”. We will rise with this hot air balloon, which is in the air and cannot fly with more than three people. We are already above the ground, at least a little while we climb.”
Live from the air with Ulia Naeva, Bulgarian National TV