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Crowdfunded Magazine and Photo Book Focuses on ‘WORLD’S FIRST ROPE ACCESS ‘ of the tallest structure in the world in 2003.

A photographer’s long-forgotten, seldom seen images of CN Tower’s first space access are now set for publication, 20 years after they were captured.

“World’s First Rope Access ER: Above 500m” a collection of Ivan Kristoff’s photographs, will be released by Daylight Books in the fall of 2019, pending the outcome of a crowdfunding campaign nearing its end.

Before 2003, Ivan embarked on a project to document extreme rope access work, just as team of world renowned consulting engineers prepared to launch the very first extreme space access mission on the CN Tower’s Antenna mast. [From Top to Bottom (Infographic)]

“I wanted to create images that were majestic, symbolic, and gave the viewer a sense of what was required to work such a complex project. The idea was to do more of a portrait of the space access work,” Ivan writes of the project on

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