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With good weather, the desire for high speeds increases along with the risk of road accidents.

“The main mistake of all riders is that they are driving bikes in Bulgaria, i don’t not know  if terrorists built these roads, but if someone had given them the task to kill the motorcycles in Bulgaria, there is hardly a better way than these ways of mass destruction of motorists.” said Ivan Kristoff, known as Spider Man.

The huge holes are everywhere like a hidden underwater stream, especially the more inexperienced and lovers of high speed. Almost as an artist, the Human Spider (Ivan Kristoff) paints the roads that are dangerous to motorists:

Going out to Tsarigardsko Shose Blvd, there you see the аsphalt paintings of the Leonardo Da Vinci type. There are incisions and you are already looking remarkably to the surrounding nature. As you turn left on Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., you are already looking at Dali’s drawings. The asphalt is spilled, the holes are like Danube waves, and now I wonder if I had to go out with the sporty SUZUKI GSXR 1100cc or the SUZUKI DRX 650cc off-road.”

Therefore, Ivan is initiating a new approach to convince the Bulgarian government and institutions to take drastic measures and start first with rebuilding the road from Sofia to the Verila and Rila mountains. This initiative will take the Safety campaign  to new heights and will be monitored and showed to the public with a new perspective that covers Live monitoring in real time from the four worlds Sea-Air-Land-Space

Water rescue

Water rescue

On the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea there is a problem with the shortage and the inadequate preparation of a large part of the water life savers

от хеликоптер

Air rescue

Everyone has a basic instinct to help one another. If a cyclist is lost in the mountains, people will coordinate the search.

Екстремна фотография на най-високата кула в света

SAR and ER

If a building collapses, people will be busy to give blood. If the ship is flooded, nearby ships will be saved.

Екстремна фотография с мотор

Vertical Rescue

If the earthquake lifts the city, people from all over the world will send urgent supplies. It’s so fundamentally human.




This video was taken a few years ago to demonstrate how we want to and can utilize our equipment for GPS and off-road monitoring of SAR missions in the remote areas of Sofia. The good news is that we are at a point where technology is here. It is ready for us to top tap into, but we just have not taken that next step. And that brings me to the second concern today. That the government needs to take the next step and improve it’s rescue capabilities and cooperate with those who want to make the improvements. We, as an industry, a country, need to make a cultural shift, we need to change our mindset. We have been an industry that always focus on project first and people second. We need to flip that! 

We needed to identify how we can build great rescuers, who can perform in extreme conditions in extremely remote areas. And we did that and we innovate for tomorrow, beyond what yes and other can see. that is why we focus on emergency technology and adapt on the Internet of Things. We did that over decades ago and it is surprising that in the New Millennium, the rescue operators in some rural areas are not open to the new technology and solutions that are in front of them. The are focus on the findings and money but not on creative solutions and innovative ideas and technology. There are some pretty cool examples that we will talk about in our EXTREME TV Series. But let me give you a couple to start with. This Case study of my 3 accidents in 1 year are a good start.

If we don’t take big steps now, we are going to be behind.

High Speed0%



Emerging Tech Drives Infrastructure

The typical profile of the guilty driver, with whom not only I but most of the people in whom they are chopping - low educated tricikats, with old and cheap cars of big brands, are in breach and are like born experts in attempts to manipulate, and pretend.

- Joanna Steeler, Insurance Broker

I made this site within an hour, where I would share a few points that I believe will in a new way impact on arrogant and self-confident drivers but on the other hand very effective potential killers on the road (which can make you mistaken whatever plans you have made in life, just because they do not think and put you into their lives).

- Shayna Jenkins, Personal Trainer

In the foolish situation on Bulgarian roads, sanctions against non-compliant drivers must be drastic, long-time bookkeeping, high money sanctions, heavy labor, and we will quickly get rid of these dumb! These low-educated people flick us along the roads, they vote for a fee and determine who can rule us!

- Sharon Andrews, Crossfit Trainer

expert team

This is the typical happening that happened on a bend in Canada when I was with a bike - from the bend, right in front of you, in your canvas, you climb at speed and old iron someone who confuses you any plans, breaks your car or motorcycle, and although you survive, which is the most important thing, you lick your wounds and you have to enjoy it just because your brand new car with the most modern security systems and secured doors has also contributed to your safety. And there's a big waste of time, money, and healing ... But on these ``ht dogs``, they just get away with a fine and a cheap repair. this is exactly what needs to be changed in a new way. because until now we can not see how to do it in our country until there are drastic changes.

- Bobby Thomson, Athletics Trainer



nissan crash

This third crash, caused within one year, convinced me that we have to act in a new way against the irresponsible driving.

Three crashes in a year. This is a hat-trick of horror. The first time they hit me by a car was when I drove a bike just before I got into the Boris Garden in Sofia. The second time, a car running across the downhill of Cherni Vrah Blvd. and crossing on red, burst into my car and twirled us at 270 degrees. The third car hit us sideways, at this turn … So strong that it pushed us into the dirt …

Two ideas that can be realized and helped for safety: Put a panoramic mirror on the corner and a bicycle alley in the rhinestone area that ends in the gutter.

The new model of Nissan Quaskai Tekna leads one of the safest car models and as seen in the picture here, the rims and the door have struck well. That’s why I brought the car from Zheleznitsa to Nissan’s service station in Sofia. Well, there is another dimension in buying new cars, not just for their new technologies, but the fact that they also change Modus Operandi – the driving mentality.

Crash nissan

The panoramic mirror will allow you to see what is not visible around the corner on both sides. The bicycle lane will not only be safe for cyclists, but it will not cause others to get around them at critical points.

This photo was taken on the fly, minutes after the crash. While I was in the car and my family. I just wanted to visualize the accident scheme of the accident to present solutions I have long shared with friends of the auto / motorcycle / bicycle industry and the Bulgarian e-Mobility Association. As you can see in the yellow line, even the bus enters the opposite direction of traffic …


Broken Clavicle


Broken Ribs and more...


Crashes in on year

Congratulations to the Security Police team, who knew what to do and did it, wonderfully and professionally. I believe that the MoI should change their approach to communication to society and present more young employees, such as one policeman who very well talked to my son. And special thanks to Daniel from the team of NISSAN N Auto Sofia for their professional counseling and assistance.