Burj Khalifa

Land | High Rise Emergency Rescue

Ivan Kristoff will present the R/Evolution in Vertical Rescue. Over two decades ago, Ivan Kristoff, aka, the Canadian Spiderman, started the experimental extreme long line rope access work with a twin engine helicopter over the skyline of Toronto, above the height of CN Tower, the Tallest structure in the world at that time. Then, when the very first concept for helicopter operations for super high rise buildings was demonstrated by Ivan for the First Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day, he introduced the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.). A few years later, Kristoff was chosen to be the very first person in the world to work on ropes above the 500 meter benchmark tо open a new page in the history of construction work and rope access.

Now he will open a new chapter in the history of aerial rope rescue and you can join him.