Ivan Kristoff created Club Extreme of the NB University

We nurture students and sportsmen
On Saturday, 20th May, film maker Ivan Kristoff and NBU students from the Dept. of Cinema and Television, went for 4 days of fun and adventure in the cliffs of the Black Sea. The 2010 long weekend filming workshop was spend underwater, harpooning, climbing, caving,  rock running with lots of fun and tasty food. The  idea to create an Extreme Adventure team and to film together rope access at height and in difficult to reach places was formed.

On 05 October  Ivan Kristoff has created CLUB EXTREME ( E.X.T.R.E.M.E. – studEnt’s eXtreme Team for Rescue, aErial and Maritime Emergеncy) – a new way to participate in extreme rope access and motor sports. He sponsors and supports the initiatives of young and prominent students, who dare to enter the vertical world. The Club develops specialized training for aerial and vertical operations, work at extreme heights and sports.

Club “EXTREME” is based and registered address: 1618 Sofia, New Bulgarian University, Building 1, Floor, Room 210B,Phone: 8110210

“EXTREME” is a voluntary, student initiative to promote the exchange of ideas, information and assistance in the field of extreme sports, visual arts, remote/rope access, as well as, noble ideas and useful initiatives between students from different universities. Club EXTREME is a story of extreme sport and adventure lovers,  talented students and creative people who believe in the constant process of learning. From the beginning, our concept is to inspire and assist positive people to be involved in exciting projects, such that will shape new trends in the extreme endeavors.

Main objectives of the club are:
1.To organize courses, seminars and events for extreme sports and exercises for participants in extreme situations;
2.To increase student’s skills and knowledge in the field of special (extreme) events extreme sports, photography and video;
3.To work on implementing the specialized knowledge and skills of its members in volunteer emergency rescue and recovery of victims from hard to reach places;
4.To promote the activities of the club through the air and ground demonstrations, media, Internet, films, exhibitions and other events at home and abroad;
5.To cooperate with Bulgarian and foreign organizations, foundations, associations and others having similar goals and activities at home and abroad;
6.To exchange information and ideas among students, former students, both within universities and between universities and other institutions;
7.To support society useful initiatives and charitable activities;
8.To stimulate artistic development in students of the NBU;
9.To establish contacts with leading international companies to support the activities of the club;

BNT 2 TV – Interview with Ivan Kristoff for the Club – Нещотърсачи – 10 November 2013

Ivan Kristoff presents his new projects in the “12:12:12:12:12:12:12:12:12” presentation

Outdoor Broadcast Emergency Car

On the 21th of December, 2011 at the New Bulgarian University, Ivan presented his vision for the Club and initiative of his company MotoZona to support it. He introduced his  vertical and aerial rope access training program  for Search and Rescue (SAR), extreme and motor sports.

On the 12th of December, 2012, from 12:12:12, at the University’s Theater of NBU, Ivan presented his 12 partners, for his 12 projects, which can be realized in 12 destinations around the world.

For these projects, students will be encouraged to participate with creative work as web and graphic design, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, land art, or video, and entrants are encouraged to think creatively about potential exhibition locations. Ivan Kristoff is well known for organizing, financing and participating in special events and rope access operations on tall buildings and flying helicopters. That is why he wants to share his experience and teach others how to create successful special events, PR and advertising campaigns to promote them.

During Dubai Helishow 2010 Kristoff introduced His Highness Shaikh Mansoor bin Mohammed  and His Highness Sheikh Mansoor to the idea to film in 3D his special events in the Dubai’s skyline. His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the UAE Minister of Economy visited Ivan Kristoff’s booths at the Dubai Helishow 2012. H. E. was impressed with Kristoff’s idea to promote Dubai through his new world records.

My idea is to inspire the young generation  to expand their creativity so that they may deliver a unique artwork for aerial and vertical performing projects around the world. I am very impressed with the people, buildings and skyline of Dubai. This city is to big for one project and one artist only. I want to give other people the chance to explore the unreachable places and the excitement at creating art at heights reachable only for the boldest artists and filming at extreme heights“. says Ivan Kristoff.

Presentations for this project: в социалната мрежа

To get involved with the Club/За записвания в екипа: www.facebook.com/projectEXTREME