Ivan Kristoff showcasses of HP technology

Ivan Kristoff used HP IPAQ smartphone as basic a tool for his business as his ropes, harness and camera.

“Usually, these are things you don’t really want to have to do twice,” he says. “ My HP IPAQ is not only my contact and data base resource, its how I present reports to my clients and how I capture visuals of my assignments. I just download those digital images to the HP IPAQ”, says Ivan Kristoff

Trained in his native Bulgaria in rope-work techniques, mountain climbing and mechanical engineering, Mr. Kristoff has managed to combine all three in business.

Ivan Kristoff’s HP IPAQ smart phone is as basic a tool for his business as his ropes, harness and camera.

Testing HP laptop in the air

“I was working on a long term project with some emergency services to provide them with specialized rescue services and know-how in the field of vertical and aerial operations. The HP IPAQ Data Messenger was my primary presentation kit, showcasing images and video from my previous aerial acrobatics during special events with the Mayor of Toronto Mr. Mel Lastman, and other ropework projects.

This cell phone is my mobile office. It displays the visual records of most of my rope access (rappelling and ascending on a rope) techniques in a way that no other cell phone on the market would do. It is much easier to show to my students new techniques, avoiding the heavy and bulky laptops and portfolios. It is a great tool to share images and video and other information from remote access areas. Synchronizing information, contacts and updating your peers with the latest developments and situation reports is vital for the success of such operations and projects.

With the HP IPAQ Data Messenger I take pictures and capture video during training session and helicopter operations.

In addition, the new functionality of the HP IPAQ Data Messenger is extremely beneficial in providing real-time imaging and video information for my company, Eiger Rope Access Work Inc., leader in the field of inaccessible places and vertical operations”, says Ivan Kristoff

When you are hanging on ropes 180 storeys up a super high-rise building, using a digital camera to take pictures of a structural problem is too bulky.  That’s why Ivan Kristoff tested HP IPAQ Data Messenger as back up tool in his business in Toronto.

HP MINI LAPTOP в полет над Перник

hpПрез 2007, Иван Кристоф тества технологиите на HP, с цел да подобри комуникациите на сдружение с нестопанска цел, “Специализиран отряд за спасяване”. Известен като“Special Operations Services” – (S.O.S.) team, тази неправителствена организация инициира серия от тествания на иновативни технологии и мобилни комуникации във въздуха. Основателя на спец-отряда “SOS”, изпробва HP технологии за проектите си.