From caving – to the top of the tallest structure in the world

Caving - introduction to the Hilti eqipmentPhoto: Metro Toronto Convention Center Hilti Presentation

Ivan Kristoff has been involved in several high-profile construction projects, in which he utilized Hilti systems and solutions. By that time he has provided exclusive product placement and additional national and global media exposure of Hilti anchoring and drilling systems, which have reached millions of people.

cavingLive your dreams

At early age,  Ivan Kristoff dreamed of going where no one has gone before. That was a daring ambition for a child, who had no knowledge of  the dangers and obstacles of achieving such a dream. He was naive, as a kid could be naive about in this childish ambition. But soon, when he enter the underground vertical world, he realized that being small and naive can help you achieve your dreams and go where the others can not.

How did this happened? Because he was not afraid and he used his disadvantage as the skinniest person in the exploring caving group,  to  his advantage. That gave him an edge.Soon you will read the full story of his first exploration of big caves and how did he found new underground halls in one of the longest cave in Bulgaria. More Information:  

And the corporate and technical support of  Hilti was there from the beginning of Ivan’s exploration to the end of his successful missions in the professional field for high rise services.

The influence of HILTI drilling tools

Ivan Kristoff is scaling new heights with its Hilti hammer drills. For Ivan, when it comes to Installation Systems, Adhesive & Mechanical Anchoring, and Cordless Drilling, he chooses only Hilti products.

Case study:

Ivan Kristoff Attempts Guinness Record

For one of Ivan Kristoff’s upcoming projects, he will install remote access system on the overhang of tall cliffs.. This work shall include the following:

 a)      Coordinate work of this section with the installation of new remote access stainless steel anchors.

b)      Upper Access: Designing, manufacturing and implementing of Access System. Belaying, accessing and rigging of the existing overhang anchors referred to our specifications as A, B, C, D, A1, B1, C1 and D1. This rigging system will be used as a safety line.

c)      Examine site conditions and surfaces to ensure proper anchor installment.

d)     Hammer drill holes to proper diameter and depth.

e)      In case of re-bar or any obstructer during drilling, clean the hole and cover up with specified repair mortar.

f)       Set up a horizontal or vertical progression system on the inserted anchors for mobilizing and equipment transporting.

  1. 2.      Fasteners

.1   Insert fasteners: “HVA Adhesive” as manicured by Hilti, or an approved equivalent. Diameter to a minimum of 16mm. Minimum of 4 fasteners per anchor. Length to suite applications. Stainless steel anchor rod, nut and washer

(Type 304, Class2, 100.000  p.s.i. minimum yield strength.

           .2   Insert fasteners: “Kwik Bolt II” as manicured by Hilti (Canada) Limited, or an approved equivalent. Diameter to a minimum of 2 ½ inches embedded dept. Minimum of 5000 lbs. shear load. Stainless steel anchor rod, nut and washer

       .3   Insert fasteners: “Hilti Drop-in Anchor (HDI)” with internal thread, as manufactured by Hilti, or an approved equivalent. 2 inches embedded dept. 11040 lbs. shear load. Stainless steel anchor rod, bolt and washer.

 .4  Insert fasteners: “Removable Hilti Dynamic Anchor (HAD)” Ductile Undercut, as manufactured by Hilti  3,94 inches embedded dept. 16,455 lb. shear load.

 Adhesive: two component epoxy acrylate; Hilti HEA cartridge, as manufactured by Hilti.