Highrise Emergency Aerial Rescue Training


This proposal presents ideas that can reengineer your team tо perform rescues above the heights of tallest buildings and show to the world a human and technological achievement that has never been seen before.


  • To be a global leader in creating and educating rope rescuers for highrise emergency resposne.


  • To create the most elite emergency team for vertical and aerial l rescue


  • Commitment | Respect |Teamwork | Creativity | Continues improvement | Discipline

Strategic goals

  • To contribute for development of innovative concepts for the vertical and aerial rope rescue via scientific and applied research initiatives. That is what you will benefit most – receive from us a Plan that is ahead of your competition. We follow the new trends on the market and every possible aspect that may reflect on our Strategic and Contingency Plans.
  • To create and execute a plan that will train, test, and showcase the capabilities of the

team to perform under stress and any emergency situations that is trained for.

  • To create a Marketing and PR Plan that can reinforce our client’s brand identity.
  • To amaze the world and popularize the team’s accomplishments scale.
  • To film a TV Series of the process of creation of this team.
  • To write a book and a photographic diary of this project.
Achieve New Heights in Rope Rescue With US

I have the unique chance to be invited to film my experience as a high-rise rescue expert  by a production company that works for the major global TV networks.  Being in Dubai several times, I was deeply impressed by the technical architectural achievements of in the sity and by its social commitment.

The story of the TV Series can be about how a rope rescue unit can be transformed into the most elite Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team ever known.”

Ivan Kristoff

What will distinguish the our institute for vertical operations from the rest is in its creation of innovation beyond belief