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VR Flying among amazing places

Ifyou’re afraid of heights, then this job certainly isn’t for you. Club Extreme,  which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, consist of a team of embedded extreme journalist who plan  their days to scaling some of Bulgaria’s highest heights to train for extreme rope access and  sports.

Dizzying images provided exclusively to show the troop of rope access and SAR techs at work, putting their faith in ropes as they dangle from  underground galleries in caves,  high rocks, bridges and skyscrapers.

One shot shows their team member on the Lakatnik rocks in the Bulgaria, spider-ing his way up the central climbing tour, which measures a few hundred feet off the ground.

Vlady Vladimirova, a project manager and image consultant for Royaline, explained that ‘these guys are all adventurers and love to live’. A professional rope access tech can earn up to $100,000 per year and many earn extra income with mountaineering.

Vlady says the training can be exhilarating, with the opportunity to navigate famous and attractive places around the world. Many of the extreme journalists are multi-skilled, too, with some working part-time as photographers, bloggers and filmmakers.

The majority are men but increasing numbers of women are being roped into the trade.

The journalists are required to do rope access training, which teaches them how to climb, rappel, set the ropes up to exacting standards and perform impromptu rope access work as many abseilers brake the rules, set by others. They are also trained around how to perform rescues.

Екстремно соло катеренеVlady says the courses for professional are expensive, starting at around less than $1,000, and it takes time to move through the different stages. Once they’ve passed the final level, the climbers are ready to hit the heights.  But at Club Extreme no one is charged for the training and this is not a commercial project.

Another vertigo-inducing photo captures him with the new collection of Fortis Swiss Watches, hanging solo and free climbing on the vertical of the nearby tours or flying with a twin engine helicopter above the world’s TOP Spiritual Place with The Strongest Energy Field. There are places on Earth, where people can feel the connection with the divine – and the Rila’s Lakes, are known for strongest energy field. There sensitive people dream strange things, after spending the night in the Rila Mountain, where the Flying above the Rila Lakes” special event took place. Such type of places could give you answers to a long asked questions and make you feel the energy concentrated on a more spiritual level.

Some might seem surprised, but the Rila mountain range is one of the energy centers of the world. Not accidentally, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the XX century – Petar Dunov is Bulgarian and has chosen to transmit wisdom in Rila. The area around Rila’s Lakes actually has very strong energy and more sensitive people feel it and receive strange dreams when they stay in the area.

HeliGolfThe main goal of the extreme journalists is do ‘anything if it’s hard to reach or beyond the training and reporting in conventional journalism’.

Vlady continues: ‘The training  can range from flying with a hot air balloon or a helicopter to hanging on ropes hundred of feet high dangling in the air, over water and mountains.

In the Extreme‘We’ve also done things linked to nature, like filming the beauty of the high Bulgarian mountains.’

Asked what the best qualities are needed to be an embedded extreme journalist, Vlady concluded: ‘You must be a good planner, love extreme sports and obviously be good with heights!

‘It’s also important to be safety-conscious. We haven’t had any accidents.’

Compared to other methodology for training, this is a unique project that will go to the next level in 2018.



Българи и екстремни журналисти ще превърнат в истинска сензация красивите места на България, като избират възможно най-опасните места, където да изпълняват номерата си. Те ще заснемат всичко и качват видеата в социалните мрежи. На едно от тях ще се е покатерят над пропастта, ходейки по тънкия парапет на терасата в една уникална месност.