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Write the Future

  1. Write the History

    A New Chapter in the History of Rope Access

    In 2003, Bulgarian and Canadian Ivan Kristoff rewrote the history of rope access work and standard procedures of the local industry by achieving new heights on the inaccessible until this time areas of the Antenna mast of the CN Tower – the tallest structure in the world. Now you can join a new movement that has set goals to go  even higher in the vertical and aerial world.

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  2. Екстремна журналистика

    Rewrite the history

    By supporting the Charity #ForBulgaria,  you can open a new chapter in the history of rescue rescue and aviation. Join us on a new venture that will re-write the methodology for vital aspects of specialized training for apnea, extreme rope access, rescue and aviation. It is that simple and that is possible to achieve the impossible that has put so far boundaries in these areas. Just contact us for more details.

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