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Mr. Ivan Kristoff, what is the specific social problem for the children and young people in Bulgaria you work for?
For the smallest, the injuries of consequences of accidents, aggression and extreme sports must find the least, depressing and dangerous effect.

Why do you think this problem is significant and in need of a solution?
From personal experience, I understood it best when on May 23, 2017. within one year, my 4-year-old son witnessed the effects of 3 accidents and still suffers from them. In the first one I was hit by a car while I was cycling, but in the other two, it was in our car while it was the fault of the other drivers, and we were hit. So, directly and indirectly, the younger and more fragile an organism is, the bigger and longer lasting will be the healthy and psychologically stressful imprints in the development and psyche of the young. Since then, working with a pediatric doctor therapist and specialist, I have done a first-hand analysis that has changed my own priorities and those I see as a need for attention to educating the young.

What is your innovative solution to this problem?
Unfortunately, safety, especially for the youngest ones, is not a priority in Bulgaria, so I focused on finding the root of this problem and developing several ideas for greater security in this direction in Bulgaria. One of them is to build a program “The Savior of the Future”, in which children from young children will learn to become big and not only preventively avoid and survive in extreme situations, but be prepared for any kind of noble battles and creating their own positive causes that will develop them as more worthy and virtuous citizens.

How does your solution work? How does it help you achieve your social goals? How have you developed one or more products and how do they lead to the social impact you seek?
The “Savior of the Future” will cover several stages in which work will be done according to the specifics of the psychological and educational methodological approach, as well as legal restrictions affecting the work of minor children. The first covers pre-school age, where children enroll in safer sports such as swimming, tennis and golf.

What are the target groups of your decision and what is the approximate number of children and / or young people your decision will cover? Which group of children is your decision to target and what are the additional stakeholder groups you plan to involve in your activity to achieve your social goals?

The main target groups are:

1.Pre-school group – up to 7 years
2. Basic group – up to 8th grade
3. High school group – up to grade 12
4. Pre-university – after grade 12 – modeled in Canada, where the author of the project studied at Monark College for Grade 13 in Toronto, Ontario.
5.University – creation of a volunteer and entrepreneurial club, with which students will deal with and study with real causes and resources, which will support the previous groups and thus close the whole cycle from 0 to 24 years. They will also be attracted to the Council, which will work and assist the other target groups.

The approximate number of children and young people will be up to 5 people in a group, modeled on rescue organizations, in which one rescue squad is up to 5 people. Each group will also have “support groups of children who will develop according to their gifts as a support team as there is in rescue organizations. For example – Creative team.

These groups will include Advisory Board, such as parents and people from institutions and companies who are interested in supporting the initiative and can further monitor project development, results and social goals through their activities.

These groups will include Stakeholder Advice, such as parents and people from institutions and companies who are interested in supporting the initiative and can further monitor project development, results and social goals through their activities.

How does the solution to the problem really have a positive effect on the children and young people it targets?
From my teenage years, I volunteered for Emergency Assistance courses and later in Canada took courses at the Canadian Red Cross, served in the 25 Canadian Reserve in Toronto, and learned from action and training methodology, and created the world’s first ever volunteer high altitude / air response volunteer unit – HEART, which solved the world’s highest tower problems in 2003 and 2004, with a positive effect on reducing to 0 (zero) incidents in extremely dangerous that high-level work environment in which there were fatal cases with young people after my activity and upon my return to Bulgaria. That is why in Bulgaria I want to pay a lot of attention to the children, because I am the father of a boy and a girl and I do not care about their future, as well as the other children, with the generation of whom they will grow up. To my greatest regret, the Bulgarian school does not produce literate and thinking young people. Therefore, there needs to be an innovative approach in Bulgaria that will be modeled on practice practices in academia in Canada. As a graduate of the University of Toronto, I have introduced innovations in the work and training of students in Bulgaria, which have also been exemplified by several universities in our country.

How does the solution to the problem really have a positive effect on the children and young people it targets? How do you track whether your work has a (random) negative effect on the targeted children and young people?
First, we will have feedback with parents / guardians or with the young people themselves, with whom we will be in constant communication and available 24/7. Where possible and appropriate, we will use health monitoring technologies such as the sports dimensions of heart rate monitors and holters, as sports will also be part of the training and recreational / leisure program.

How has the life of a child or young person been / will be directly improved as a result of your work? Tell us a personal story of a child or young person – real or imaginary – to demonstrate the impact of your activity.
In Bulgaria, especially in Sofia, it is not a safe place for children to play, so I replaced my son’s sport with golf and the environment that predisposes him to a more successful start. For example, he is already 5 years old, and after learning aikido to understand his philosophy, he is now learning mental arithmetic, the next step being to study calligraphy and fine arts so that he can work not only with his mind but also skillful with your hands…

What and how will you measure to gauge whether your work is leading to the social impact you expect. By “social effect” we mean the long-term positive change that your goals make for the children you work with. How exactly do you think your solution actually works?
We will measure how children and young people think and develop as individuals and as a team member. Then there will be a racing element that will be parallel and they will set realistic goals for themselves to “mentally check the clock. Art festivals will be organized, through which, like Leonardo da Vinci, through technology and art, they will be able to express and develop new platforms to develop their potential. Volunteer and innovative initiatives that help in the field of Search and Rescue have a particularly social effect when they contribute to real rescues. Such initiatives have had a lifelong positive change, Not only we, but society as well as in our country and around the world have judged that our experience and influence really work.

What other organizations are working on the same problem? What is different and better with what you offer? We expect you to demonstrate how your solution is different and better than other solutions that already exist in Bulgaria.
In Canada, on my way to the largest Search and Rescue Conference, I traveled by Dr. Car. Robert Con, who founded the Smart Risk Foundation and shared with me the idea of ​​replacing his career with a neurosurgeon who works primarily with children to work preventively, teaching them how to avoid extremely risky situations that can paralyze them to the end of their lives. What are we offering different and better with the addition of innovative edutainment, new technologies and a Europe-based approach to working with young people? We were among the first to create the Specialized Rescue Volunteer volunteer model and set an example that gave impetus and boom to the new movement in this direction, long before our entry into the EU. But because of a number of factors and constraints that must be taken into account and based on our experience in our country, we decided that it would be better to emphasize the younger and unburdened generation that will start clean and build a modern a vision for the Savior of the future – in a safer environment.

Have you ever experienced a negative professional or public reaction to your work on the issue? If yes – please tell us what happened and what was your reaction.
Yes, a few. I have described the cases, but since they involve a third party, I would prefer to share them in an interview. But just such cases provoked me to create a new strategy to work on to change things for the better in Bulgaria. Every major change is a matter of energy, perseverance and patience…

In one case, I invited an equipment dealer to participate in an air rescue demonstration, with which we agreed that he could board the helicopter with us, sponsoring the equipment that would remain for the rescue firefighters. He was invited only as an observer and I allowed him to take pictures with him, if he wanted to promote and learn from me and the team of what was obviously his first time and managed to get where he did not can be logged in. Due to his lack of awareness of the responsibility and complexity of operations, where any unnecessary movement and especially uncoordinated interference with aerial training and surgery can have fatal results. But despite the consequences of uncontrolled professional… and diplomatically speaking “zeal, as well as criminally irresponsible confidence and an effort to sabotage the mission, I was able to cope with the challenges and successfully complete the mission.

Trying to bring new rescue technologies, such as the introduction of GPS monitoring and telemetry aboard a helicopter, has given incredible resistance, sabotage and safety and security breaches, because this is how real-time monitoring is done and this does not allow for manipulation and… My reaction was to coolly deal with deliberately organized chaos and demonstrative hostile environment, ignoring direct and indirect personal attacks and, nevertheless, accomplishing the mission and draw the necessary conclusions.

Vertical Forest

How will you develop, grow, and multiply your idea to improve the lives of as many children as possible in the future?
I have already built the main venue for summer camps at the foot of several mountains, where the Creative / Training Center will be held and young people will be given the opportunity to create and train an innovative method for… I am currently in the process of obtaining a permit for the construction of such a SMART center in the heart of Sofia. The first step is to build a Rescue.One model of a self-contained learning unit, in which each child and young person is provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to build and act independently first (without relying on anyone else but themselves) and then the team and group work begins. Technology and knowledge of how to use them to the maximum and effectively will not only improve lives, but also accelerate their progress in the right direction. Due to the unique and interesting way of teaching, we are convinced that it will have an attractive and contagious effect among other children.

How many children do you think will cover your activity in 2024 (ie after 5 years)? We are looking for social entrepreneurs who want to create solutions that can extend their reach to bring about lasting change for a large number of children in the country.
Within 5 years, we plan to create a training model that, after passing the Time Test, will be accredited by the MES and training centers. As one of my children is studying at an elite private school in Toronto and studying an internationally recognized method of child-rearing, we will emphasize an approach that has been proven worldwide and will be further developed to meet Bulgarian conditions and challenges. That is why I have personally prepared the platform for Sofia 2020, which will also be presented at Dubai EXPO 2020. As a public figure, with dual citizenship, international experience and brand name, Brand Ambassador and exclusive promoter of global brands, and expert in digital technology and communication, I will also rely on the network of partners and clients I have around the world to create new opportunities for young people to develop beyond the borders of our country.

What funding sources are you currently using to address the social problem described here?
All mine and I am completely independent.

What sources of financing are you planning in the future to implement and develop your solution? Developing a strong financial model is key to being able to achieve and grow your social impact in a sustainable way.
In addition to personal finances, I also provide my equipment (25 scooters) and limited edition Italian and Swiss watches, as well as the Charity Auction platform and am in the process of organizing a Golf and Tennis Charity Auction modeled after the one we did with Mel Lastman, Mayor of Toronto and we raised $ 445,000 in three Golf tournaments. Another important element is to teach children how to smartly manage their time and create their own creativity and identity, to learn how to manage it, to respect themselves and, as in Buddhism, to be their own luminaries, to be able to think from little ones as big people, and know how to value themselves, build a positive name and give it value. And that’s just the basis. Then with the proceeds from these auctions, they will be able to handle real-time resources as well.

What is the estimated amount of each type of revenue? Who have you already secured and which ones – do you expect to provide: the amount and types of revenue that you plan to provide only in 2020?
Within 100, 000 BGN, or the provision of Atelier Studio, a Mission Control Center will be built to play the role of Demo Center for Crisis Management, Resources, GPS Monitoring, Drones and Navigation Systems. It will be a terrain from me, but I am currently able to switch to one of the following destinations. St. Vlas, Nessebar, Primorsko, Ravda or another near Sofia. The revenue will be from what we can earn on our own from the above events and the resources I provide. We will take them into account and develop as a result of the progressive process we expect.

What are the main planned activities for the implementation of this idea for 2019, together with the corresponding budget? Do your plans have to be realistic and feasible?
At the beginning of the school year, in September, we will be as active as possible with the above ideas and will work on organizing the first ever Mayoral Golf, Tennis and Football Tournament, accompanied by special events in which I will participate with my own resources, attract partners and try to find sponsors. I will also organize international events. American and British TV companies have been interested in shooting 5 pilot TV episodes for global TV networks such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, History Channel, Channel 4 and more. I already have experience with Discovery Channel, FOX TV, which have made documentaries and TV series with me, as well as international TV networks, so I will be glad to partner with new partners to demonstrate that the solution we not only can it be applied in the local context, but also on the international scene.

When and how did you come up with the idea you propose today?
I’ve been working on the idea of ​​voluntarily rescuing hard-to-reach places since the end of the last century, in Canada, with a partnership with Toronto’s Unified Rescue System 911, but from my experience in Bulgaria, I’ve learned how technologically and morally obsolete we are. So I decided to change the model of action from the macro to the micro, and I saw the sense that it had to totally change and improve the way of teaching both in school and in university teaching methodology. That is why I have signed partnership agreements with the Ministry of Interior Academy and the Military Academy. The children will be dealt with cleanly (Tabula rasa) and upgraded by a method introduced by Alexander the Great and elite combat and rescue units, proven through all kinds of actions, battles and victories, and further developed by NASA.

Why are you interested in this problem and this particular target group of children and / or young people? Strong motivation is a key feature of any successful social entrepreneur. It helps to attract others to support your cause and keeps you in difficult times.
This problem concerns my most precious people and principles. From the many conversations with scientists, doctors and successful people, I confirmed my conviction that in Bulgaria there should be several poles underground in order to improve things in the field of rescue and development of people as successful social entrepreneurs. But the good news is that even seeing what good educational TV shows there are for children like Robot-Rescuers, there is a lot of potential to work in the positive side with the new generation of children and young people to build the New Generation of Saviors. The strong motivation is that I am a big fan of what I missed as a kid and youngster – toys, technology and the rest that I intend to give to my children wholeheartedly. The main thing is to prepare these people in difficult times, to be able to rely mainly on themselves, and precisely because of this, to be more successful and confident. One person’s character is built at such moments – that they can triumph where others would fail.

Who are the people you work with on this idea and what are their roles in the team?
Margarita Mineva- Financial Advisor.
Radoslav Nikolov – Technology Manager and Advisor.
Adriana Meshkova – Art Manager and Advisor.

In the field of voluntary urban altitude and aerial rope rescue, especially in extreme conditions, I am a global pioneer and a leader in the game of leaders in this field, committed to changing the world of aviation and rescue for the better.

Tell us about a serious challenge you faced in a professional way and what you learned from this case.
In 2003. I became one of these leaders, being chosen as the first and only person on the planet to take over and complete the most risky and unprecedented work of over 500m, at the top of the tallest tower in the world. I learned that I, a Bulgarian, from a small country who had the audacity to take on the unknown and land in the second largest country in the world, to become a refugee candidate (which is worse than a refugee) and despite refused him, left the country and returned, being the First conqueror of the highest peak and prestige of high construction. Now I am preparing a series of the most daring projects to jump over the world bar, which I have placed above the Symbol of Excellence in Building Construction and Canadian Industry for the XX Century. And young people will have a great opportunity to visualize and realize this idea with me.

What steps have you already taken to realize the idea you are proposing?
I have experience working with the best in the world and have made presentations and organized exhibitions at world events attended by Princes of the Royal Family of Dubai and ministers from different countries, a well-described action plan, training methodology, created and implemented experimental projects that will take my work with children and young people to a new level. I have the vision, the resources and the knowledge how to act, how to resist any challenge and the ability to see new perspectives that others have not noticed

What support do you expect to stimulate your personal development and / or your organization’s development?
The strength of the majority is the main support that they expect from the program, and when more minds and people with experience work together effectively, things become not only faster but also organized. Time is a big factor because every missed moment is at the expense of the young. When working with not only children and young people, it is important to have duplicate monitoring so that opportunities for proper development are not missed. The exchange of experience and added value will stimulate my personal development beyond my professional tunnel vision, but will also move our organization in a new direction. Getting involved with the right people and a thorough evaluation process with the right partner is most valuable to me personally as an organization.

What are the three things you need to learn to be a better leader?
To be more patient, to entertain things, and much more carefully to get into the new role of working with the youngest. It also means working more with child psychotherapists and institutions, given the more delicate environment.

What are the three things you need to learn to improve the social impact of your organization’s work?
More and more digital and mass communication technologies and methods are drawing and testing in all conditions new equipment and technologies and going to new territories to test the time and conquer new peaks that will accelerate the social impact in an interactive platform.

Every step forward and upward is a victory.

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