First Aerial Video Surveillance via 3G and 4G

BBT TV Prime time News

SATURDAY, May 31, 2008

A project for aerial video monitoring was developed by Ivan Kristoff and experts in mobile computing and IT communications. Over a one year period they have worked together. The technical support from the IVAN (International Vertical and Aerial Rescue Network) assisted Ivan in the search of the most advanced and effective mobile computing equipment and wireless video broadcast technology (including IP cameras). These information systems, which include the IT equipment of Ivan Kristoff’s Rope Access Work Inc., could be used in remote areas and critical situations, during crisis situations. Part of these components Ivan tested in the heart of the Sahara desert, and he was pleased with the results.

Reporter Aliosha Shalamanov: “A volunteer organization, founded by Ivan Kristoff, is working on a pilot project for aerial video monitoring from a helicopter. If the City of Sofia Municipality is happy with the results, it is possible in the near future to have a an aerial emergency response provided by helicopter, which will assist the capital of Bulgaria in crisis situations.

Ivan Kristoff, aka Spider-Man, has initiated and committed to the development of this project. The wireless video monitoring from the air, will provide on-line contact between the emergency services and rescue teams. The helicopter will be equipped with remote camera control photo and video equipment. The visual materials can be used to train rescue teams in an innovative training program, called trailblazing.”

Ivan Kristoff: “In my case, it is a specialized training for my volunteer rescue organization, in which members of our teams will be introduced to visual presentations of situations where they have no experience, but they have to be trained to work in such conditions. They will learn in innovative way how to deal with crisis situations in rescue missions.”

Video surveillance from the sky protects teenagers

“Standard” Newspaper

Spider man flies above Sofia and saves trapped people in burning buildings. At nigh he is watching the soccer game seating on the roof of the stadium, and after the fighting between fans, he brings them one by one to the police. This is not a scene from the film, but a real project, which started with the Metropolitan Municipality and hometown action hero Ivan Kristoff. With a team of specialists, yesterday he did a test flight with the helicopter over Sofia. The aim was, photo monitoring and video recording in real time of public events, with the present of a lot of people and children. The occasion was the Children’s Day -June 1, but the idea is to introduce video surveillance and our special explained the stunt expert. His engineers tested also the GSM coverage of mobile operators in the capital. They checked the reception in vertical direction. Good connection is needed to easily send information from the camera on the helicopter.

These pictures, taken from a bird’s eye view, are used to save people, to catch criminals and prevent incidents like this in the “Indigo” discotheque (in which 7 kids died) explained the organizers. The Mayor Boyko Borisov, can see what is happening in the city and where there is traffic while he is having his breakfast.

Ivan Kristoff gave an example that with a camera for around 10 BGN connected to a computer; he can monitor on his mobile phone his daughter in Canada. In Bulgaria millions of dollars are given for this kind of equipment, but when somebody crashed into my truck in the center – nothing. No one saw anything, complained Spiderman. On June 1 make a special attraction for kids with a ropework acrobatics of a hot air balloon about 100 meters off the ground in South Park.

Burj Khalifa Helicopter Bell 427


During Dubai Helishow 2012, Ivan Kristoff tested the GSM and WIMAX reception near the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, the longest (horizontally) hotel – Meydan Hotel and Horse Racecourse at the Meydan

Helicopter: Eurocopter Dauphin.Първо въздушно (от хеликоптер) видеонаблюдение чрез 3G и 4G

Въздушно видеонаблюдение и фото мониторинг от хеликоптер, осъществено от Иван Кристоф Човекът паяк, както е известен по света Иван Кристоф, се е ангажирал с разработването на проекта. Въздушното видеонаблюдение ще осигури постоянен он-лайн контакт на отговорните институции със спасителните екипи. На хеликоптера ще се монтират камери свързани с Интернет. Кадрите от въздушното видеонаблюдение могат да се използват и за обучение на спасителни екипи по метода трейлблейзинг (trailblazing). Въздушното видеонаблюдение не е скъпо, но липсва политическа воля за въвеждането му в страната, смята Кристоф. Затова той ще представи резултатите от въздушното наблюдението над София на Столична Община.