Eurocopter AS 355 f1 Helicopter and Bell heli Moto Rescue


Hello. Looking forward to someone who is OK to do an amazing aerial stunt (if possible and reasonably calculated risk, if that is possible) with a very low flying helicopter, so that the Enduro rider can jump over it. We know that it was done over 4 helicopters and a R44 with their spinning blades. Also a guy did it over a very low flying light airplane, but how low do you know from experience you can fly confidently safely as close to the ground with a light single engine helicopter, like the R22, R44, or Enstrom 480B?

Even one miscalculation and both the motorcyclist and the pilot are dead, and the risk is for us, but haven’t we done riskier things? 

But let’s see both sides of the merits of this question that defines the Smart Risk Boundary and the main reason behind this question: To Be or Not To Be?

Recently, I was involved with a near by death experience on the ground, and so, I kno how crazy things can go on the gorund and in the air, on the road and in the mountain. For example, we could evacuate injured mountaineers with the Golden Medical Minutes, but none of the people from the local Mountain Rescue Service called us, though the pilot has been flying within 10 minutes away. Of course, this was not a medical evac helicopter, neither we have HEMS in Bulgaria, but we could respond to any SAR call, given the right conditions and fly within the safety regulation and take smart risks. But to make a point to what kind of a pilot and a team could be willing to risk his life, carrier and…, this is a good case study.

So, I can do it, and here, I have summarized the case study, because I have seen in front of me the reckless death of people on a motorcycle, and the death of a a friend, a pilot with an MI 8 shot down in Iraq and killed with a gun for the camera… Horrible loss of life, and the last thing I would do is to encourage someone to do it unless…

But, to be able to put you life on the life for others, it takes a special character and.. So, out of so many cool, smart, experienced and responsible pilot, I was looking for that Special One that we could do the impossible – possible.

heli wathIt will be a challenge to explain here the whole story, as well the correspondence even with a pilot who contacted me and was interested. Part of it is due to the Confidentiality regarding some INNOVATION and specialized training for special operations services of the SOS team.

So, I would be glad to feel the missing gap and share/paste only my response: “The MSL is 911 meters from Sea level and the G-zone is 600 m off the ground,so we can do whatever we want to, without the need to request permission from the Aviation Authority.”

This a proposal to create a job for a pilot, who can not utilize his helicopter services, and as you know, the cost for aviation has to be paid, regardles if the helicopter flies or not. So, to make my point, discussed in this post, I had a meeting yesterday with experts from the world leaders in IT, 5G and wireless communication, to discuss and aerial event that could be endorced by the leading world brands.

Helicopter: Eurocopter Dauphin.
So, they are looking for completly different focus, as described here, and I just thought that after that, with a special budget, for wich I can find investors, why not do something that in the pandemic crisis, would give some people from the aviation, marketinf, PR, advertising and touirsim some bisiness. I have secured a $1,000,000 for the next 10 years in digital marketing if the Google company is still in busines.

Right now, I get every month an Invoice from Google that shows me the balance of $0,00 and that is because, I do not care about the digital marketing, PR and the benefits that the world leading brand GOOGLE gives me, because this can be called “ego”. But, if we decide to spend our efforts and risk our lives to give some answers to yourself and business for others – why not!

Now, let’s keep in mind that even the filming and entertainment business supports helicopter pilots and with the drones, it is more and more difficult for the helicopter aviation to be maintained and it is up to very bold projects to find new ways to support the people who are willing to the the high risk jobs that not everyone would do.

Extreme Motorcycle Riding

Let’s make the Impossible-Possible!

Desperate time require desperate measures. Right now in Bulgaria, there is no air medical helicopter , neither HEMS, so, I there are crazier things happening around here then what I would call the above scenario a “Total Craziness”, but we live in a… world, so, I believe that with the right team and logistics, we can make it safely, or if things go wrong, most probably – deadly. But, I have made riskier things up in the air, like solo working in extreme winter conditions on top of the Tallest Free Standing Structure of the 2oth Century, and against all odds, I did it alone, with a support team of one man and the best consulting engineers and project managers. It was a World’s First work on the exterior of the inaccessible areas of the Antenna Mast – top of the CN Tower, at height above 500 meters off the ground. Later, nearby, over Lake Ontario, with a Eurocopter AS355 F1 – TwinStar, we did something amazing for the 1st |Law Enforcement and Emergency Services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Infront of the Chiefs of Toronto Metropolitan Police, Toronto Fire Department, Toronto Ambulance, LIVE on CFTO TV, CTV, etc…

CN tower

Also I did a world record for rappelling a higher distance on a rope, suspended by a flying helicopter.

I read the comments and everyone is right, and we can do it within the G – zone and the final decision will be made if the pilot that I have in mind wants to do the Impossible – Possible!

Air Rope access

As Dion Stoll wrote: 

“I’m intrigued by this. Yes, on the face of it it appears insane but in reality with the correct planning and basic laws of physics regarding jump trajectory it would probably not result in said motorcycle and rider being desiccated. Of course other factors such as mechanical failure of bike or Helo’s comes into play which although unlikely are something to consider.

Insurance? Forget it.
Aviation Authority approval? Unlikely but possible in some locations – look at Rocket man and his buddy formation flying with an Emirates A380 over Dubai City! There was obvious marketing value there.
No need to write this idea off as stupidity because it has a tiny chance of going wrong. The beauty of humanity is creativity and daring- do and let’s face it it would look pretty awesome on YouTube!”
As Ted Gep wrote:
“… I know the guy who did it with an airplane, quite well, I flew with him at Malev. How hard could it be? So, in short, I’ll do it…!”

If someone has done it before, we can do it better and bolder. I am in Bulgaria and wanted to showcase extreme training for the creation of a unique Specialized SAR team. Obviously, it would be better to come to you, wherever you are and see if I can find a local moto expert in your area. If things can e done, I will contact a TV producer, who approached me to do a few episodes of Amazing New TV Series. Bubba Blackwell jumped 2 running helicopters a few years ago

That was my invitation on the largest Helicopter pilots FB group and so far, the score is 25:11 in favour to do it:) FIY:  I did some cool stuf in Toronto with the Eurocopter AS-355 F1 TwinStar in the last century, so, I wanted to do something new. Of, course, what I’m asking for now is not in the same category as what I did before. Helicopters hover and have eternal loads all the time. I don’t know how anyone let someone jump them on the ground with them spinning before it shouldn’t have been done then either. It is a matter of safety and legality this is the definition of careless and reckless use of an aircraft. An idea like this it is hazardous to me, the pilot and anyone in the area if the helicopter crashes, but…

The minutest thing goes wrong and I get chopped into pieces, a $1.2 mil helicopter crashes and kills the pilot, but… 

Now, as a person who has been on board on more than 14 helicopters (half of which under the helicopter while flying), which is something like the Himalyan Crown of 14 8 thousanders, I do know the crazy this may sound, but… what can I do… I am on a mission to create an S.O.S (Special Operation Service) Team and was looking for a combat unit that I call TEAM – Two Extreme Air Man – the most efficient maxi-minimized tactical/rescue unit that consist of the men: pilot and the SAR rope access tech. I started this in Ontario, Canada with an Eurocopter AS 355 F1 TwinStar and did a bunch of world’s first… Thae in Bulgaria, we did it with Enstrom 480B and a few flights with R22 (with jumping out over a lake, without a parachute) and R44 – where I will see what the Robinson Helicopters company will say when I ask them about buying their external cargo system and rappelling….

So, I was looking for that kind of a pilot – who can go without hesitation for special tactical opps. And I found one. So, the next step is to go over the details…

Нека направим невъзможното-възможно!

Оцеляване в планинатаМожем да направим невъзможното-възможно!

Тук споделям тотално абсурдната, но напълно осъществима идея, която бихме могли да направим с хеликоптера-призрак, който може и смятам да ползвам за доброволческо Търсене и спасяване на хора, изпаднали в беда. И за разлика от ужасните кадри, които видях по телевизията, в онлайн и в социалните медии, както винаги, никога няма да позволя, да показваме кадри на спасени хора, които нахлуват в личното им пространство, унижават личността и на жертвата на спасение, морала на тези, които ги показват, като пример за…, но в същото време таксуват за “спасяването” и си имат цели ЦЕНОРАЗПИСИ ЗА УСЛУГИТЕ, КОИТО ПРЕДЛАГАТ…

Но, по повод на лъжите и заблудите, които върлуват в битката за докопването до сделките и комисионните при закупуването на нови хеликоптери и изгражането на цяла въздушно спасителна система, аз продължавам да работя и търся хора, които нямат такива императорски амбиции, като Дарт Вейдър и Императора на злото, които с малкия ми син си падаме по “Междузвездни войни”. Дори си имаме много ценни книги, които ги купихме от чужбина по темата, които описват отдавна Силите на злото, коиото върлуват и тук, в България. 

Та в този ред на мисли, щом се наслушахме и видяхме какви ли не скрити и нескрити неща по темата, нека направим един проучвателен ескперимент, който е още по абсурден от това, което наблюдавам при тези wonna-be-та, но е поне осъществим от мен и един смел пилот:

Има ли желаещ Ендуро моторист, който има опит в мото каскади и си пада или е обмислял идеята да лети с мотор над ниско прелетящ хеликоптер? Като за начало, може да се прелети на прикрепен хеликоптер: това е покана само за сериозни маниаци, които си падат по идеята. Аз също ще се включа и направя тренировки и тестове с два мотора: 250сс и 650сс. Целта на тази покана е да обменим опит в специализирани тренировки за създаването на Спец. отряд за Търсене и спасяване в трудно достъпни места

Ето долу е хеликоптера, пилота и екипа са навити да дойдат в България за тази цел, и който иска да се включи в екипа или той да го направи, да ми пише на личния. Всички останали може да пишат каквото си искат, не съм ги създавал, за да съм отговорен за тях, и тяхното мнение няма значенир. Тази покана е само за смели хора, в които туптят големи смели сърца, имат опит, осъзнават отготмните рискове и са готови да направят това, което никой не е посмял.

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