A conceptual idea for the technological and human enhancement

chaotic rope access in the airFor the Air Rescuer of the Future

Within the 3 minute ER time for the 911 protection services in Toronto, you can see in the above shown video a compilation with some aspects of a real life situations and an attempted rescue that went wrong in the past. The chaotic rope access in the air shows what has happened in heights above a few hundred miters off the ground – the rest of the scenes are divided in a few scenes that will be discussed as a case study for a Workshop for the Rescue One concept.. This is a compilation of the various scenes in the Edge of Tomorrow movie trailer-compilation, combined by Ivan Kristoff himself that portray his visualization through the actions sequences of the plot in the movie and real scenarios. the link between them will be explained in special Forum and Workshop for the New Generation of Rescuers.

The first photo shot is an actual scene from the exterior of an Eurocopter AS352 Gougar military helicopter of the Bulgarian Air Forces that Ivan Kristoff took on board, from the exterior side, while flying above Sofia, on May 5, 2018. He filmed an idea for his vision of The Rescuer of the Future.

The rest of the movie, portrays scenes that resemble as close as possible to the metaphorical situation that he got involved.The scene of the hanging on wire cables and out of control Enhanced Soldiers of the Future portrays his predictions of how things could go wrong, based on his own experience of being blown away at much higher extreme heights on the Tallest structure in the world in 2003. The forces of extreme strong winds, above 60 km/h and above 500 meters from the ground made him have this near-dead experience…

Make the FutureWe need a better educated and technologically enhanced version of Rita Vrataski… Major William Cage may looks just as a PR guy, with no idea of how to operate the new revolutionizing technology and little amount of training that is required to use it, screaming for anyone to tell him at least how to take the safety off his weapons. But when he finally manages to find the safety release on field and in the action, he actually manages to deal with the harsh environment.

Ivan Kristoff is teaming up with his friends, Generals from the Bulgarian Air Forces, who will gladly help develop a new special program for extreme rope access operations with focus on new technology and mental endurance. Just take a look at the character of General Brigham – the leader of humanity’s armed forces. After Cage tries to blackmail him to avoid covering the invasion, Brigham responds that Cage won’t be filming it. He then has Cage arrested and sent to fight in it. But what Ivan wants to create in his students is the confidence that General Brigham has earned from the years to become a General and  the patience to wait for the right moment…

And lets not forget Master Sergeant Farell : [in the helicopter] two minutes to drop, it’s alright to be scared. Remember, there is no courage without fear.


The Roper of the Future” is Ivan Kristoff’s Program for Enhanced Rope Access Technicians that he calls them ERope Access Techs. They must be well Educated and technically Enhanced to perform the most complicated and dangerous tasks that can be called for. A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree is required for the E-R Tech for his entry into the Program and he or she must have extreme experience in the vertical and aerial world. That is just a small portion of the full scale of requirements that will be presented at the Forum 1.

This year in Bulgaria will start the selection for the very first rope access techs that want to be part of the very first of its kind specialized training for extreme remote access. All new students who will join the most dynamic ever training for rope work will have to pass an introductory course for Mental Stamina, Technological and Human Enhancement for the new concept for the Roper and Rope Rescuer of the Future.

Ivan Kristoff for Fortis


Basic S.E.A.L.S.training, which should introduces new students to the four worlds of Fortis Swiss Watches – Sea-Air-Land- Space. It will include a specialized training for extreme endurance of the body and mind – physical and psychological stamina, TechnoHuman Enhancement by being constantly harassed by professionally trained instructors who seek to find the weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a the Rope Rescuer of the Future.

The training will seeks to find those students who can lead in a harsh environment,  constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships by engaging in  dangerous endeavors and extreme rope access.


A Case Study for the Rescuer of the Future
В рамките на 3 минути – времето за отреагиране на 911 в Торонто, можете да видите тук обратния вариант на малкото аспекти които спохождат хора на да се включат в мисии във враждебна обстанова., което се обърка. Това е компилация от различните сцени от филма „На ръба на утрешния ден”, който изобразяват под-темите от реалните сценарии от живота..
В България много се говори за иновации, даже си имаме цели сгради и форуми кръстени на темата INNOVATION.
Но реално нямаме такива, поне значителни, които да променят света, а само рециклираме и иновации и възхваляваме чуждите постижения.
А тук има много ниши по които може да се работи. Стига да не се пречи много и да има коректност.
В едно нещо обаче направихме впечатление на целия свят, че сме иновативни, ако даже използвам техническия термин – Disruptive Innovators – хора, които налагат много въведения в това как да те ограбят. А с “Ало измамниците”, да те накарат доброволно да им съдействаш. Има много добри специалисти дори в сферата на “обществения натиск” и всяване на масов страх и безумие.
В контекст на обирите и измамите на огромни суми, които напоследък гледам по новините, тук ще поработя по един социален ескпериементаен проект и който се интересува от темата “Умствена издръжливост, технологично и човешко подобрение” и иска да направи презентация по нея на 10 април, нека ми пише на личния:)