Highrise Emergency & Aerial Response Team

Code: HEART is an extraordinary new television series that takes viewers on a first-hand ride along with Ivan and his team as they put their own lives at risk in hopes of saving others. What Ivan does is extremely dangerous and unthinkable to most of us, but his rescue techniques could save your life one day in this new vertical world.

The world is going vertical. Not long ago, you would have to go to New York if you wanted to work or live in a Skyscraper—but no more. Cities across the globe are building taller and more sophisticated high rises.

Today, architects and mega builders from every large city are racing to see who can build bigger, taller and more impressive buildings with dramatic architectural flare. People are embracing these new modern marvels and our metropolitan cities are bulging. The only solution is to continue to go UP.

This global phenomenon has also created challenges. Fire and emergency rescue procedures are increasingly more difficult as buildings get taller and more complex. Developers are increasingly turning to people like Ivan Kristoff, an expert in vertical rescue, to help them develop revolutionary recue techniques and procedures for worst-case scenarios in these growing super-structures.

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