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[vntd_fullscreen_slider images=”2648,2496,2494,2493″ text_static=”If you want the world to see your brand products and services in a new way stand out from the crowd and show it in action where no one has dared to go with us you can achieve your goals with innovative ideas.” style=”style1″ posts_nr=”6″ button1_label=”Highrise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team” button1_url=”httpс://” button2_label=”Training” button2_url=”” text_dynamic=”THE H.E.A.R.T. PROJECT, INNOVATION • BEYOND • BELIEVE,” animated=”yes” bg_overlay=”dark2″ buttons_color=”dark” plus_url=””]
[fancy_text_block style=”style1″ title=”“Mentors and Apprentices” A.I.R. FORUM” subtitle=”Aerial Rescue and Extreme Rope Access Experience” alttitle=”Step One” text=”This ART for AIR Rescue initiative brings experienced pilots, SAR and rope access techs to join forces with creative people and aerial cinematographers with highly promising young apprentices to collaborate in a face-to-face edutainment. The International program will start during А.I.R. Forum 2020 and we will initiate enriching dialogue between people of different generations and cultures, fulfilling its aim to make a significant contribution to the visual presentation of the air rescue industry.” button_label=”Continue” button_url=”#naturel” plus_url=””]
[fancy_text_block style=”style1″ title=”Achieve New Heights in Rescue” subtitle=”People rely on Police and Fire Department emergency services and even Special Forces to rescue people in need from the top of the tallest high-rises. We can show how we can create a team that goes beyond the expectations of people.” alttitle=”BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE” text=”ADVANCING THE FUTURE OF RESCUE” button_label=”Continue” button_url=”” plus_url=””]
[fancy_text_block style=”style3″ title=”How it all started” subtitle=”SEE THE INTERNATIONAL TV NEWS RELATED TO SAR TRAINING AND EXTREME ROPE ACCESS WORK” alttitle=”Year 1995″ text=”Highrise Emergency & Aerial Response Team
” button_label=”MEDIA” button_url=”” plus_url=” “]
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