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 Kevin Frankish: News Anchor, “BT-BreakfastTelevision”

This is the preparing for Breakfast Television this morning. Whether you believe it or not – these fine folks are going to rappel down the side of our building later on Breakfast Television.  Something to look forward.

 Ann Rohmer:  It is Thursday the 8th.  This is the flying young man and his rappelling ropes. This gentleman, the Eigerman is going to rappel down building. There you have a view of him.  He is going to attempt to do it live on Breakfast Television this morning.  We wish him luck and we will be with him every minute of the way.  Eigerman and much, much more coming on Breakfast Television this morning.

Ann: 200 feet up from the ground, we decided and calculated, the Eigerman Ivan Kristoff, is going to do something absolutely breathtaking here on Breakfast Television in the next few minutes. He is going to jump over the building, rappel down the side and we hope he makes it safely.

Perfect weather conditions to do a little rappelling off the CHUM Building.  We estimated about 200 feet.  Ivan Kristoff calls himself the Eigerman. He does daredevil death defying jumps, rappelling, even does something quite commendable – he does rescue efforts.

Good morning Ivan. How are you?

Ivan Kristoff: Good morning Ann. I am fine. Thank you.

Ann: Now, is this kind of weather a little bit tricky for you to execute this kind of death defying rappel down the building?

Ivan: I don’t think the weather could be better. I enjoy the view, smell the roses and we are all ready to go.

Ann: What made you decide many years ago, you are still a young man that this would be something to interest you and what was the first high that you ever rappel?

Ivan:  The first thing that I ever rappelled is when I was in a cave with friends. They took me away for the weekend and they decided to make a caver out of me.

Ann: Did you ever have any problems that you thought that this was going to be the end?

Ivan: Actually no. I thought that would be the beginning of a new life for me.

Ann: Whoa! What is the most important thing that you have to remember when you are on the top of our building?

(Sudden audio break)

They are having a little audio problem out here, but now it is clear.  What is the most important thing that you have to remember?  We are actually not taken a look already.  What is that you see most from the top of the building when you look down, way down?

What do you remember, Ivan? What do you have to do as safety checks are concerned, Ivan?

Ivan: The key element is safety and all I have to do is make sure that my anchors are safe and secure.  Every building must have their anchors inspected, but I double-check them.  In fact, I triple check and triple secure them.  This is my lifeline, primary line, which I rappel down and for my safety I use a safety line. So, I make sure that this is clean all the way.  Somewhere I have to deviate the ropes and secure them all the way to my destination.

Ann: O. K., we are ready if you are ready.  I mean, obviously, because we are not doing anything but watching you and waiting for you. Ivan Kristoff, come down!

Ivan: Thanks Ann.  There is nothing to worry about. As you can see I am putting my safety first, before I go and rappel down.  Make sure it is all locked up.  Then I take care of my primary line, which is for rappelling.  It’s very important to make sure that you have it he right way, so you end up down safely and secure.

Ann: This is what they call the Big Build Up, Ivan.

 Ivan: Yeah, yeah!  So this is the critical point before you put your life on the line.  This is the Break Point, what I call.  You make sure that everything is sound and clear.  Everything is safe and this is important. That’s what you have to do before you go.

Ann: Ivan, we’ve got to get you over the top, because I am dying to meet you.

Ivan:  Make sure you are experienced.  So, I’ve secured all the ropes and the stepladder to step down safely.

Ann:  Does your mother know what you do?  Ivan is well trained and well versatile.  He has been doing this all over the world.  Death defying and life saving, all over at the same time.

Ivan:  So, I make sure that everything is safe and there is no change since the last moment I checked. This is the last moment.  I am triple safe with my prime line, with my safety line and the double stepladder.  I make sure that the safe area below is secure.

Ann: So, let’s see a little rappelling if you don’t mind.  Ivan, come down!

Ivan: Yes, O. K.

Ann: So, half way I want to see what are you doing.  Thank you.

Ivan (upside down):  So, I’m coming down, and because of the snow, my ropes are a little wet.  Of course, I just proceed taking that in charge, making sure that I don’t obstruct anything.  There is nothing to fall down.  And all the people are secure.  So, at that point I can do anything I want to.  I can go upside down.

Ann: And if you had to, if this was a rescue situation, you can turn around just like that and take care of somebody if they are acrobats or whatever?

Ivan:  You do whatever it takes to do.  That might scare the birds. (laughing)

Ann:Now, from this point, would you mind rappelling straight down to the ground, as if there was an urgent need for you to be at the bottom as fast, as you can?

Ivan: Well, you can go much faster but you always look first to be safer.

Ann: So, that’s what you look like.  Nice to meet you.  Thank you very much.  We are going to take a break now.  We will be back, stay with us. (laughing)

Is it a little nerve breaking for you in this weather as well? You are O.K.

Ivan:  Absolutely.

Ann:Everything is hooked on and safe?

Ivan: Oh yeah, the guys are great and I enjoyed working with them.