FIlming with Canon cameras

Canon Canada Inc. for Ivan Kristoff

Spiderman... on a wall near you

The History
Ivan Kristof was in business to solve problems in the most time/cost effective way and visually document his work. His first major investment in his rope access business was spent on the photo and video cameras. His ongoing research and investment has produced a level of quality, which surpasses many times that of the competition. It ensures that clients will get the best professionals in the business, the advanced equipment and innovative service.

He always guaranteed that his work will be within schedule and budget. All work was monitored via live-video, wireless progression photography and mobile computing. In the time when mobile technology was not so popular and clients wanted to know what is on the outside of their building, Ivan was “their eyes”. He documented the conditions of their building envelops in pictures and words and fixed their problem if it originated on the exterior of your building or structure

In 1995, the “Toronto Sun” Newspaper, the largest in Canada, noticed Kristoff’s unique approach to start up business and ran a full two page spread of a feature story on Ivan Kristoff, plus a photo introduction “Ivan Kristoff: Toronto’s Own Spiderman Pages 16-17” to the article. The article called “Spiderman… on a wall near you” created a big buzz in the largest Canadian city and around. It capture the interest of the public, the stuntmen and movie industry, the adventure seekers and extreme athletes, the high-rise construction and property management industry. Of course, and on the media. The CBC TV and radio followed with a three (3) minutes reportage on Live TV during Prime Time news in the evening and late evening.

Since then the legend of the Real Life Spiderman was created.

The Reversed Idea
Now, for new clients, Ivan Kristoff can do it in a new way. He wrote the concept of “Achieve New Heights”, developed it in a way that can benefit clients and show its products, software and screenshots display with dynamic, interesting and original images.

The Success Story
Ivan Kristoff’s previous partners Fortis Swiss Watches created a very successful Zero-G Challenge

Ivan Kristoff’s Idea
To capture on specialized video equipment and multi setup of action cameras exciting images and produce the very first action documentary film with such action cameras….

Ivan can introduce an idea for a new way of filming and photography
This would be very helpful for progressive photography video monitoring of remote locations, confined space and anywhere when it is needed.  The first filming of a series of extreme sports will be done during the “E.X.T.R.E.M.E.” TV Series The The Premier of these TV series will be shown during Dubai Helishow`2016 and possibly on the  Meydan Racecourse screen – The second world’s largest video screen

Embedded on the field of the Meydan race course in Dubai, the 110m TV screen slots into second place on the world’s largest TVs list, at 1,180.6 square meters.

The Mitsubishi-built TV features a 10,088 x 10,752 resolution, and is one of the highlights at the $2.7 billion race course.