Through its sponsorship of the arts, Spiderman.Academy seeks to make a beneficial contribution to society as a whole. This philosophy is reflected in our regular involvement in a range of fascinating and prestigious artistic projects.We are very proud, therefore, to act as partner to the home-оffice for the Rescuer of the Future, Sofia, for theLive  exhibition “DRIVEN BY THE HEIGHTS” at Br. Buxton Blvd., in Sofia, Bulgaria

The story of this concept will be retold through 100 outstanding works. Although the vertical and aerial rope access are very different types of work, as well as the people featured in this project, everyone with his own specific ideas about art, can portray his own vision for the world of the Rescuer of the Future and how he would live, train and relax.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view all of these works together, whether on the top of the tallest threes in Buxton neighborhood that will soon be transformed into an Art Climbing wall or during the very first free flight on a hot air Balloon in Sofia, is sure to appeal to many people throughout the world. As one of the rope access world’s leading disruptive innovation minded organizations, we aim to put our extensive know-how and experience together to work to our society’s benefit. To achieve that goal, we focus on art as an expression for our vision for the Rescuer of the Future’s financial needs, while creating maximum economic value for our partners.

We hope and trust that many people will enjoy “Driven by the Heights,” both in Sofia and in Dubai, and that all who see it will be inspired by this unique event.

Ivan Kristoff,
Chairman of the Managing Boards:
Ivan Kristoff’s Fund for Vertical Rescue
Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.)