The Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team commemorates its 15th Anniversary

An idea to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of H.E.A.R.T. with special true innovative VR experience and 360 degree filming. You can order your own Space Art Limited Edition Watch. 2022 year is the 18th Anniversary of the first space services on the exterior of the Antenna Mast of the last century’s world’s tallest building. Therefore we have decided to design a special watch that matches the look on one of the most iconic structure in the world. At the Dubai, Ivan Kristoff will present his concept to write, design and publish the special book with 15 partners for the Mid Air rope Assess (M.A.R.S.) project. The Book will be printed in 18 Limited Edition copies.

What we can do for our partners. With our Creative Team we will ulustrate in a unique way the new concept for rope rescue, med evac and helicopter operationon super high rise buildings

Short film

This winter, we are going to film a 30 minute documentary on creating a volunter rescue team for extreme rope rescue.