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Air Base Photo exhibition: Bulgarian National Aviation Day

Снимка: в. Труд

Dedicated to the officers of the Bulgarian Aviation Tactical Unit

The photo exhibition was later presented at the Bulgarian National Assembly on April 4-10, 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“The photos in this exhibition showcased the unique moments, which I shared with the team of 24th Helicopter Aviation Base in Krumovo, during a technical demonstration on May 6, 2002, the National Day of the Bulgarian Military.

I had the great privilege to work with Lt. Col. Anton Hristozov, head of a unit with the tactical aviation corps of the Bulgarian Air Force, to earn an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Working with Lt. Col. Evgeny Belkinov, First class pilot, Major Marko Todorov, First class pilot, Major Kostadin Ganev, Boarding Engineer, Captain Krasimir Andreev and Sergeant Ivan Ivanov, was a true teamwork experience“. says Ivan Kristoff.

The event took place at 24 VAB of Krumovo near Plovdiv. with Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Lt. Gen. Dimiter Georgiev and Col. Anton Hristozov, Lt. Gen. Stefan Petrov, Commander of Krumovo Airbase Corpus Tactical Aviation



Иван Кристоф виси над Мадарския конник за рекорд