Happy New Year Al Wasl Plaza Helicopter Rescue

Achieve New Heights with The Future in Mind

This year will initiate the A.R.T. Project in UAE, Canada, Bulgaria and around the world, by filming a documentary film for innovation in aviation and extreme rope access work, with the theme “Achieve New Heights with The Future in Mind ”. Originally, the theme “Achieve New Heights in Video” was the very first global advertorial that Canon Canada Inc. did in a four page advertorial brochure about me and my early life as a Landed Immigrant wanna-be Canadian:) That was last century.
Now, in the new century, as a Bulgarian-born Canadian, I will extend the new version of that amazing theme “Achieve New Heights” and make a tribute to those countries, who are giving and supporting the well being of ex Refugee Claimants like me and even support their A.R.T. initiatives.
In the following portfolio, you will see how at Expo 2020 Dubai, there is an opportunity to do LIVE or VR, the World’s First A.R.T. Forum from most of its iconic places and in the air.
So, I/we can take amazing photos/video, or just draw them digitally, as I will do on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold – the first foldable computer in the world, and give the chance of refugees in Bulgaria and other countries to better their life and visual experience with art and much more…. So, via LIVE or VR broadcast with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, you will be able to see a new exciting world, with The Future In Mind.