Вертикално спасяване

Innovation in aviation

Bulgarian Innovation

It may be a small country, but its projects are world class. Some of them are the world records for rappelling and ascending on a rope supported by a helicopter.

Air Base 24/ Bulgarian Air Forces


Ivan Kristoff, rope access and SAR tech /Bulgaria


Innovation in rope access

Canadian  Innovation

World’s First rope access on the top or the World’s Tallest Structure in 2003. One of the pioneering project was to create a Super High Rise Emergency and Aerial Rescue Plan and rappel from a helicopter almost twice the height of the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada. Now the new challenge for pilots is to be able to perform Vertical Reference Long-Line External human extraction for the top of the new World’s Tallest Building.

In 2014 Ivan Kristoff and Robert Libby in a joint presentation showed how that can happen during the Dubai Helishow Conference.

Extreme rope access on top of the CN Tower
Spiderman Ivan Kristoff

Innovation in communications

Aerial Live video broadcast via 3G and 4G during helicopter operations

World’s First testing of WIMAX broadcast with mobile computing on board of a flying helicopter. This pilot project was conducted for the “Special operations Service (SOS) Team”, a Bulgarian volunteer rescue NGO and for the City of Sofia, under the patronage of Gen. Boyko Borissov, Mayor of Sofia at that time and now Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

In 20o7 Ivan Kristoff organized a team of IT experts and rented a private Eurocopter Doulfine helicopter to showcase the benefits of remote video monitoring in real time in the air and how it can be applied to the introduction of the new WIMAX service in Bulgaria.

Advancing rescue potential and brave innovation

We believe the future is only getting better

We want to create the ultimate rescuer. We want him to train with the most advanced technology and methodology. Our goals for the Rescuer of the Future center on two ideas: advancing human potential and promoting brave initiatives.

We are starting with science and specialized training in extreme conditions— areas in which systemic barriers limit individual progress. We make long-term investments because important breakthroughs often take decades, or even centuries.

In the Future rope access


2017. VR Forum

Be part of a pioneering movement that contributes to the development of advanced rope access and air operations.

2018. Global VR Forum

Be a pioneer. Become the rescuer of the future. It will change your life. And, eventually that of many others.

2019. Global VR Forum

Only the bravest minds and the most advanced equipment can help people to advance the new rescue generation.

2022. VR Expo

In 2020, we startr building the Institute for vertical operatins (I.V.A.N.) at 44 Buxton Blvd, Sofia.

Dubai movie star Mansoor Alfeeli​ for us