SpiderMan Conquers the world

Why Ivan Kristoff?

  • Vision

    I see innovative and experiential marketing as an art and a driver of customer delight. I'm the catalyst that mixes ideas, pushes concepts and finds the best way to energize brands through real live stories and visual impact.

  • Problem-Solver

    I don't believe in marketing and PR without purpose. I see branding as a science and believe that its 360 degree communication plays a role in solving problems that improve the consumer experience.

  • Strategic

    As a business owner I identify opportunities to grow the business, the brand, whether indirectly or directly related to brand enhancement.

  • Battle proven experience

    I enjoy getting living in the world of extreme, yet my goal is ultimately to be a 'thought-leader' and provide more than ideas but inspiration.

  • Collaborative

    I highly respect team building, I work exceptionally well across all key functional areas including sales, web development, film production and customer service.

  • Ambitious

    I have achieved the unaachivable on the world's tallest building in 2003

  • Innovative

    I focus on innovative projects. Like the Ultimate Air Rescue: M.A.R.S. (Mid Air Rescue System)

  • Effective

    If you want the world to see your brand, products and services in a new way, stand out from the crowd and show it in action where no one has dared to go, with me you can achieve your goals

  • Creative

    I'm always looking for opportunities and aren’t afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better.