Cover shot of Spiderman


by Mara Gulens, editor of Computer Player, Toronto Computes and Quebec Micro magazines

Does our cover shot bring back memories from one of this summer’s blockbusters, Mission: Impossible?

“No way. This is not just Tom Cruise. This guy is more radical than that!” says Ivan Kristoff, while suspended from ropes during the shooting of this month’s “Mission:Possible” cover.

Kristoff makes a living taking his laptop, digital camera, and other high-tech paraphernalia to absurdly high locations. Like Spiderman, he craws around the walls of high-rise buildings, doing on-site inspections, wall investigations maintenance and even renovations.

For example, this year he was the one called on tho scale Royal Bank Plaza building in Toronto., when a four-metre piece of metal was found dangling dangerously from high up above.

With ropes and harnesses and no fear of heights, Kristoff can do a week’s work in one day, saving companies money by pointing out, recording, and solving problems before they get out of control.

“By the end of the drop, I can print out a document, give you a diskette, or show you the image on a laptop,” says Kristoff.

Need a 30-storey window caulked? Got a cat stuck on a hot tin roof? According to Kristoff, there is no one else in Canada who can do the job as quickly and efficiently.

Kristoff’s long-term vision is to coordinate the first urban high-rise search-and-rescue team, which would provide emergency response and post-accident investigation using wireless communications and multimedia laptops. He ‘s also interested in high-rise security, since he claims, “real professionals don’t come in the from the ground.”

With a laptop, Kristoff can do what he does best almost anywhere-as long as it begins with “r.”

“You can find me with laptop on the road, on a rope, on a rock, on a roof, on a radio, and in rescue-response,” he says.

Note:This is a reprint of an article we ran in our September issue.
Photo:Mission Impossible cover page of the Computer Player Magazine

Ivan Kristoff, famous around the world as the Canadian Spiderman, appeared on the cover pages of the Computer Player, Toronto Computes and Quebec Micro magazines. A few  years passed by since Kristoff introduced his concept to Gen. Boiko Borisov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, for implying the best high tech equipment in use for Search And Rescue and aerial rope rescue.   A few years later Ivan showed in real time aerial video and photo surveillance from the air.

The main function of the Ivan’s aerial team is to provide air vertical rescue services throughout Ontario. Their helicopter can be used for visual assistance, transporting rope access/rescue personnel and equipment to remote areas, aerial construction operations, and as a platform for aerial photography for post-accident reports.

We test everything to the extreme. What we subject our mobile computers, no other company dares to do. In our  company , the demanding quality tests developed by us  are merciless. Just ask Gen. BoikoBorisov, the ex mayor of The City of Sofia. Currently he is the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.Our work at extreme heights and critical situations require extensive testing of equipments, and we go beyond the manufacture’s testing. Our equipment undertakes rigorous testing for impact resistance, shock resistance, RF exposure resistance for work in vertical environment of high powered transmitters. These are the most vigorous tests ever made on laptops: hold on to your harness!