The Specialized Air Surveillance (S.A.S.) unit

Ivan Kristoff started working on a short film “The EU Border Air Police Guardians” for the S.A.S. (Specialized Air Surveillance) squad of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior. This is a teamwork of air crew men, who would like to create an action-packed and informative visual presentation of their profession. The trailer for this project was presented during the Dubai Helishow – the biennial Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition on the 4th – 6th of November 2014, at the Grand Stand, Meydan Hotel, Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event is under the Patronage of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Ivan Kristoff's trailer on the "The EU Border Air Police Guardians - SAS" short film

Project: S.A.S. Unit

The EU Border Air Policing Guardians

Ivan Kristoff and his pioneering company EIGER are capturing on film about the establishment of a Specialized Air Surveillance Unit.

Professional rope access expert Ivan Kristoff is creating a compelling short story on the first year of operation of the Bulgarian Border Police’s air patrol service.

The film follows a team of military helicopter pilots, who have joined the new unit in year 2010. Kristoff and the police officers discussed the concept for the film and decided to focus on the innovation and exploration of new methods for aerial video monitoring and SAR (Search and Rescue) operations.

“I am excited to produce a  short film for brave pilots who have fly for military and police service, tactical and rescue missions. There is more adrenaline in this type of cinematography, because of the element of danger and dynamics of the work. The precise timing is important part of my camera shooting”, admits producer Ivan Kristoff.

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About the Police Air Wing:

The S.A.S. Unit  has new patrol helicopters from  AgustaWestland. The AW109 Power helicopter are used by the Bulgarian Border Police. The main mission of the helicopter is to provide a reliable air surveillance capability on the outer EU borders.


In 2020 Ivan Kristoff will present the ultimate challenge for the world of rope access and air rescue: M.A.R.S. With students, he started filming the development of this concept and how emergency responders will train to achieve their goal.


On 31 May, 2008, Ivan Kristoff and his team of experts in IT communications, mobile computing and wireless telecommunications, conducted in real time the very first aerial video communication from a helicopter over in Bulgaria.



Dubai Helishow 2012: Testing GSM and WIMAX reception near the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, the longest (horizontally) hotel – Meydan Hotel and Horse Racecourse at the Meydan